Cohiba Siglo I


Cohiba Siglo I


Cohiba Siglo I

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Ring Gauge 40
Length 102 mm / 4.0 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Petit Corona
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95% of 100
Special Price 42.00 USD Regular Price 49.00 USD

The Siglo I is a value-priced Cohiba cigar delivering a classic Cuban experience. It receives rave reviews all around the world, especially from people who are new to cigars. This Petit Corona delivers one hour of smoking bliss and is a great bridge cigar for people seeking an inexpensive way to upgrade their game. 

Cohiba Siglo I Overview

This is a ring size 40 Petit Corona that was first manufactured in 1992 in honor of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas. Its 102 mm (4”) length uses a Colorado wrapper and is entirely made of Cuban-grown tobacco.

It is neither the thinnest nor the thickest of the Cohiba cigars available today, but it is the thinnest and shortest of the Siglo series. Most of the rest of the Siglo series are only a 42 or 43 ring gauge, so the difference in thickness is minimal.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo I

A Cohiba Siglo I is not made with the most premium tobacco. Construction methods are cheaper than other Cohibas and there’s not such an incredible attention to detail. This creates a cigar that is sold at a lower, less-exclusive price point. And it’s still a Cohiba, an expertly crafted cigar. 

The medium-to-full flavors provide a complex and balanced smoking experience that can be enjoyed by novices and experienced smokers alike.

Size and Construction

As their name implies, Petit Coronas are smaller than most, but they can still feel substantial and burn for a long time. You can smoke this stick for over an hour thanks to its quality construction and high-quality tobacco.

The draw is a notch tighter than most cigars and this helps it burn more evenly. Like all Cohibas, the cigar is wrapped tightly and securely, with no soft or uneven spots. 

Flavors and Undertones

The cigar starts with a big tobacco flavor, slowly rounded out by roasted nut, spice, and caramel undertones. The smoke is medium and the tobacco burns evenly. The flavor becomes more mild through the second and last third, with more emphasis on wood and hay undertones, but with little-to-no additional bitterness.

Although the smoke becomes fuller and richer during the final third, this is definitely not the most full-bodied Cohiba available. It is a great option for connoisseurs who want a cigar to smoke later in their smoke session, after they have already enjoyed a mild or medium-bodied option.

Cigar Value

Cohiba is an excellent cigar brand. Many find their cigars a little on the expensive side. The Siglo series is one of their more value-priced options, but they can still be aged for an even better experience. 

The Siglo I is the lowest-priced of all, but it still gives you a chance to experience the quality of the Cohiba brand. It’s not going to entertain aficionados for many years to come, but is a fantastic bridge cigar for anyone seeking to up their game.

Cohiba Siglo I Experience

Cohiba fans and novice smokers alike should make sure to try this inexpensive and beautifully flavored cigar. Its quality filler and wrap make it easy to enjoy, and its price is low enough to allow you to share with friends.

Expect to enjoy medium-to-full wood and tobacco flavors with spiced undertones.