Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 150 mm / 5.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto Extra
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99% of 100
Special Price 105.00 USD Regular Price 150.00 USD

The newest addition to Cohiba’s Siglo series is enjoyed by collectors around the world and offers great aging potential. This is a long Robusta Extra with a full-bodied profile. The Siglo VI’s balanced blend of flavors include fruity and nutty undertones. 

Cohiba Siglo VI Overview

In 1992, Cohiba debuted its Siglo series with five Siglos, numbered in accordance with their price. The Siglo VI, however, was introduced in 2002 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Siglo line. 

At a ring size 52, it is the thickest Siglo cigar and among Cohiba’s thickest options overall. It is a 150 mm (5.9”) long Robusto Extra, which makes it longer than the average Cohiba and provides a good two hours of smoking.

The Siglo VI is hand rolled in the El Laguito factory, which is known for its precision and careful rolling. Cohiba use a mix of tobacco from across Cuba for the Silgo VI, very much creating a pleasing cigar that responds to most palates.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo VI

The Siglo VI is the highest quality cigar in the Siglo range exception. It’s an experience to be cherished, even if you’re new to smoking fuller-bodied cigars. From the pre-light draw all the way down to the last third, the experience can last for over two hours yet there is no bitterness at any stage. 

Construction and Feel

Thanks to its thick ring size, the Siglo VI feels robust and provides more than enough smoke to be flavorful. Its wrapper is smooth and consistent throughout, with minimal veins. The tobacco itself is generally well-packed without soft spots, uneven packing, or other problems.

Its burn is even and slow with no canoeing, which is a testament to the quality of the packing. The draw is slightly tight for its size, but not uncomfortably so. These factors make it an easy to enjoy with minimal effort, even if you’re chatting at a social event and not always focused on the cigar.

Flavors and Balance

Unlike the other Siglos, this one actually opens with white pepper notes. The first third is leathery, yet smooth, with cinnamon and nutty notes coming out midway through as the flavors become creamier. Fruity undertones begin to emerge here and continue until the last third.

The second third is very similar to the first, with the spicy pepper flavors becoming slightly more intense. The nutty and bready undertones gain power in this third and begin to fade out by the end.

The final third begins to lose the sweeter notes in favor of more cedar flavors. Overall, this is the most peppery of the Siglos, and its medium-to-full profile makes it among the strongest alongside the Siglo I. It is a powerful blend, but it is well-balanced and makes for an enjoyable smoke.

Potential Pairings

The rich and complex flavors of the Siglo VI allow it to pair with a variety of other coffees and alcohols, as long as care is taken to choose a pairing that is robust enough. If a mild drink is chosen, the cigar will probably overwhelm it.

The Siglo VI pairs well with rum, bourbon, darker whiskeys, and full-bodied beers. If you’re feeling adventurous, the medium-full flavor also works with dark stouts and porters. This cigar isn’t as sweet as some of the other Siglos, so you can pair it with a rich, chocolatey porter without getting overwhelmed by sweetness.

Look for medium or dark roast coffees that have nutty undertones, or whiskeys and rums with heavy spiced notes. You can also try red wines, especially ones with fruity flavors and a medium or full body.

Cigar Value

The Siglo VI is the most expensive in the series, and is even more expensive than other Cohibas. It is a cigar to be savored and shared as a special gift for close friends or important guests.

However, it ages beautifully and can be kept for special occasions for years to come if stored properly. It is available in boxes of 10 or 25, so you can choose the size that works best for you.

Cohiba Siglo VI Experience

The Cohiba Siglo VI is an item for true collectors and connoisseurs who can make the most of the experience. It is an excellent cigar that’s worth investing in, and should be tried at least once if you enjoy medium-to-full flavors in a cigar that’s larger than the average Cuban.