Cohiba Piramides Extra


Cohiba Piramides Extra


Cohiba Piramides Extra

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Ring Gauge 54
Length 160 mm / 6.3 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Torpedo
Availability: In stock
98% of 100
Special Price 204.00 USD Regular Price 255.00 USD

Seventh in the Linea Classica series, the Cohiba Piramides Extra is well-constructed and packed with flavor. It’s long and fat and really looks the part. And it smokes delightfully, a creamy, sweet taste with remarkable subtlety. 

Cohiba Piramides Extra Overview

At 6¼ inches and 54 ring gauge, the Cohiba Piramides Extra is a large Figurado with a tightly-bound tan wrapper and a floral flavor. It provides a lengthy smoking time of three hours or more. It has an especially striking visual presence, with its smooth torpedoed cap and beautifully bound exterior.

Smoking a Cohiba Piramides Extra 

Much like its classy exterior, the Cohiba Piramides Extra has a smooth draw and burn, with a mellow flavor profile that balances flowery overtones with sweeter, smaller traces of nut and flour. 

The burn is even, with an initial licorice taste kicking in on the first few draws, then traces of chocolate and cream coming to the fore by the final third. 

This cigar really looks the part and reflects the typical high-quality construction everyone expects from Cohiba cigars.

Cigar Value

It’s expensive, but you get at least three hours smoking out of each of these cigars. For the price you get a long-lasting and satisfying smoking experience. If you’re a fan of well-constructed and subtly-flavored Figurados, look no further. 

Cohiba Piramides Extra Experience

The Piramides Extra is for all types of smoker. The bite on this thick and long cigar is satisfying, and the smoke time is lengthy. This is a cigar with a look and flavor profile to enjoy anytime you have three hours to spare.