Cohiba Medio Siglo


Cohiba Medio Siglo


Cohiba Medio Siglo

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 102 mm / 4.0 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Petit Robusto
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99% of 100
Special Price 66.00 USD Regular Price 78.00 USD

One of Cohiba’s Siglo series, the Medio Siglo is a short, stout smoke that delivers a bundle of flavors. It’s a mild to medium-strength cigar with a superb aftertaste, ideal for people who enjoy a short and light Cuban cigar. 

Cohiba Medio Siglo Overview

The Medio Siglo is one of the newest additions to Cohiba’s Siglo series. It is small in size, but robust and complex in flavor. Released in late 2016 it has quickly become a cigar loved by beginners and aficionados alike. 

They share a 52 ring gauge with the Cohiba Siglo VI and their 102mm length matches the Cohiba Siglo I. This Petit Robusto is an excellent blend of these two magnificent cigars.

The Medio Siglo is one of the newest vitolas in the Siglo series and has a mild strength and a trim, modern format. Using tobacco from the western Cuban region of Vuelta Abajo, the Medio Siglo also benefits from Cohiba’s trademark triple fermentation of the seco and ligero fillers. 

Smoking a Cohiba Medio Siglo


The Medio Siglo is a well-rolled cigar, with only a few veins on its otherwise seamless surface, and a perfectly-executed cap and head. Short and stout, the Medio Siglo takes around 40 minutes to an hour to burn. The uniformity is good, although one cigar has some give while the next may not, and the mellow gold cap can have a few green spots.

Taste and Flavor

In a cold draw the major notes of this cigar are grainy with a slight sweetness, like a breakfast cereal. If you linger longer, wood scents become apparent, with peachy underpinnings. 

When lit, the tastes range from white pepper to wood and leather, with a hint of sourness. For a cigar with a lot of robust flavor, the Medio Siglo has only a mild- to medium-strength and aftertaste.

Burn and Draw

This cigar puts out a lot of smoke when it’s first lit, which disperses quickly, even with no draft. The burnline is swift and uniform, a great choice if you want flavor, but don’t have a lot of time. Combustion and burn line progress smoothly without going off track.

Complexity and Balance

This cigar packs a lot into a small package, starting off with a prominent black pepper flavor which mellows into a woody, oaty taste. Towards the band, a hint of creaminess escapes the Medio Siglo, and the retrohales are redolent with white pepper that sear your nostrils.

How It Smokes

Although it starts out as a jumble of flavors in the first third, the Medio Siglo straightens itself out by the second third. Aficionados enjoy the bridge from the second third to the final third, slowing down to savor the blend of sweetness, creaminess, and pepper.

Cigar Value

The Medio Siglo is a special addition to the Cohiba Siglo series, and it boasts a refreshing tangle of flavors that resolve themselves into a smooth smoke with a medium strength and mild aftertaste. 

It is one of the higher priced cigars. This little firecracker packs a lot of punch at first, but is mellow enough for a postprandial smoke that won’t be too much right before bed. The value and quality of these cigars make their price fair, especially for regular smokers. 

Cohiba Medio Siglo Experience

The Medio Siglo is a relatively fast smoke packed with flavors. It’s great for beginners or experienced smokers alike, offering up a ton of flavor with only a medium strength. Just relax and let the subtle notes of peach and tanginess bleed through.