Sancho Panza

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Established in 1848, Sancho Panza cigars are among the oldest cigars to come off the island. This cigar house delivers timeless cigars, in the old and traditional hand-rolled style. 

Sancho Panzas are offered in seven medium-strength vitolas and are renowned for their long length and superior smoking experience. 

Although often overlooked in lieu of one of the more fashionable Habanos lines, the Sancho Panza is an elegant Cuban cigar and a real favorite among traditionalists.

Sancho Panza’s other claim to fame, besides the excellent quality of the tobacco and artistic rolling, is the fact that the line is named after a famous literary character. Sancho Panza is Don Quixote’s witless companion in the classic Don Quixote. 

The most famous of the Sancho Panzas are the Sancho and the Belicoso. Other vitolas include Bachilleres, Coronas, and Molinos.

Sancho Panza Belicos

The most famous and most highly recommended Sancho Panza cigar for export, the Belicos has a milk-chocolate colored wrapper with a beautiful oily sheen. It’s a perfect smoke for beginners and longtime enthusiasts, ideal for trying the Sancho Panza brand. 

The cold draw has soft notes of hay and barnyard, and upon lighting, a familiar taste of cedar, leather, and spice is overlaid with a honey sweetness. By the last inch, espresso and caramel are predominant notes, and the end is sweet and mellow. 

History of Sancho Panza Cigars

Despite the political turmoil of Cuba’s past, the Sancho Panza cigar house has had an untroubled history. The German businessman who started the Sancho Panza line – Don Emilio Ohmstedt – is also the founder of El Rey del Mundo cigars. 

When Don Ohmstead passed, the line was taken over by the Allones brothers, and eventually, by the El Rey del Mundo line. These high-quality handmade sticks from Cuba are always made with long filler, the whole, uncut leaves of the tobacco plants, solely from the Vuelta Abajo and nearby areas. 

A torcedor only needs a thick board, a specialty knife, and a cap cutter to create one of these hand-rolled beauties. The craftsman starts with binder leaves, making sure the veins face up, so they’ll be rolled into the inside of the cigar. The filler is then bunched, with each individually rolled leaf adding to its flavor.


When to Smoke a Sancho Panza Cigar?

Every Sancho Panza, especially the Belicoso, is a mild to medium strength smoke that is light enough for mid-morning but tasty enough as a lively companion to an afternoon repast. 

With a spicy woodiness and hints of caramel, Belicosos offer lots of complementary flavors in one succinct package. You can enjoy a Sancho Panza whenever and wherever you like, as long as you give it your full attention, just like the Cubans do when they smoke one in Cuba. 

Buy Authentic Cuban Cigars

To truly enjoy an authentic Cuban cigar like a Sancho Panza, you need to give yourself the time to savor it. The Belicoso is large with a 52 ring gauge and 5.5” length and is an authentic Cuban experience. 

Sancho Panza cigars are rarely seen in tobacconists outside Cuba. Purchase a box Sancho Panza Belicosos from the leading online store for authentic Cuban cigars.