Cohiba Exquisitos


Cohiba Exquisitos


Cohiba Exquisitos

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Ring Gauge 33
Length 126 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Medium
Size Small Panetela
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92% of 100
Special Price 69.00 USD Regular Price 86.00 USD

Cohiba Exquisitos Overview

Cohiba is the world's most famous cigar brand, offering cigar lovers luxuriously smooth and flavorful smokes like no others. Rich, tasty, and complex, the slender Cohiba Exquisitos cigars are ideal for enjoying the legendary Cohiba experience when time is limited. 

The small cigar's 5" x 33 size makes it the perfect choice for those wanting to enjoy the Cohiba Clasica blend while on the go. Extra fermentation in wood barrels gives Cohiba cigars an unmistakable character that makes Cohiba Exquisitos cigars richly entertaining smokes despite their compact size.

Smoking a Cohiba Exquisitos

Cohiba Exquisitos cigars offer a rustic yet artfully crafted appearance. The brown hues of the wrapper leaf combine with tantalizing aromas to kickstart the senses. Initial draws bring hints of sweetness, earth, and spice flavors that are fully flushed out when the cigar is lit.

Once the small Cohiba Exquisitos cigar is underway, spice, salted caramel, graham cracker, wood, cocoa bits, straw and leather round out a smooth, medium-to-full-bodied smoke. The finish is bold yet never overpowering and lingers on the palate.

Cohiba Exquisitos Value

While Cohiba cigars are amongst the most expensive cigars, the Cohiba Exquisitos cigars offer a relatively good value within the Cohiba line. This is because the cigars are large enough to enjoy the full extent of the famous Cohiba character yet small enough to smoke almost anywhere. 

Cohiba Exquisitos cigars are conveniently packaged and sized to give you the flexibility to fit your busy schedule. So, no matter your cigar-smoking routine, you can savor one of the best cigars on the market.

Cohiba Exquisitos Experience

The Cohiba Exquisitos combine the joy of smoking a Cohiba cigar with the versatility to smoke anywhere when time is a factor. A great choice for traveling cigar smokers, a 5-pack of Cohiba Exquisitos cigars easily fits into coat pockets, briefcases, or golf bags.

Smoking a Cohiba cigar is a rite of passage, and Cohiba Exquisitos cigars make it effortless no matter where your travels take you. So, stock up with the small and richly satisfying Cohiba Exquisitos to keep a delicious Cuban favorite always at the ready.