Cohiba Siglo IV


Cohiba Siglo IV


Cohiba Siglo IV

More Information
Ring Gauge 46
Length 143 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Grand Corona
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99% of 100
Special Price 71.00 USD Regular Price 95.00 USD

The Cohiba Siglo IV is one of the most affordable and best value Cohiba cigars. This Grand Corona offers a fantastic range of medium flavors ranging from dark chocolate to citrus. Great to smoke now with some potential for aging. 

Cohiba Siglo IV Overview

The Siglo IV is one of the thickest and longest of the Siglo line. At 143 mm (5.6”) and ring size 46 it’s a classic Grand Corona. The dark leaf wrapper is notable, as are the spice and pepper flavor profile. 

Everything in the Siglo IV is grown and assembled in Cuba. The Cohiba brand is the flagship of Habanos, S.A., and has a rich history of exclusivity due to its use as a gift for diplomats. The Siglo line was introduced in 1992 to provide a more accessible and affordable option for connoisseurs around the world.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo IV

As a Grand Corona, the Siglo IV offers a balanced size that gives adequate flavor and burn time without becoming too intense. Its overall flavor and undertones balance savory and sweet notes, in a smooth-burning cigar that tastes as good as it looks.

Construction and Feel

The leaf wrapper is a little darker than some of the other Siglos, but its overall flavor is still firmly in the medium band. All Cohibas are known for their quality packing and wrapping, and despite its lower price point, the Siglo IV is no exception.

The draw is slightly tight, and the well-packed tobacco provides an impressive amount of smoke for its medium ring size. Overall, it’s a well-constructed cigar that lives up to the standards that Cuba and Cohiba is known for.

Flavor Profile

The Siglo IV initially hits with some of the peppery notes common among Cuban cigars, but its main emphasis is on sweet and woody flavors. The first third opens creamy, with nutty overtones and even a taste of bread.

The second third is a little fuller in flavor, with more earth and cedar tones. The peppery notes emerge in the final third, but they never become overwhelming. This cigar is smooth and enjoyable down through the last third, with no harshness or bitterness.

Cigar Value 

The Siglo IV is mid priced and this reflects its quality. For special occasions there are more elaborate and complex Cuban cigars to smoke. But no cigar lover will complain if a Siglo IV is all that is left in their humidor. 

This is a balanced everyday smoke, high on quality yet middle of the road in price.  It’s a worthwhile treat for casual smokers who usually stick to budget brands. And an unwavering favorite for smokers who love their Cubans.

Cohiba Siglo IV Experience

The Cohiba Siglo IV is great for just about every type of smoker. Beginners will notice the jump up in quality from other brands, while regular smokers can find a good value everyday smoke. 

There is some aging potential, although these are cigars you can just puff and puff every day, without getting bored.