Cohiba Esplendidos


Cohiba Esplendidos


Cohiba Esplendidos

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Ring Gauge 47
Length 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Churchill
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95% of 100
Special Price 900.00 USD Regular Price 1,500.00 USD

Cohiba stands as one of the most recognizable brands of cigars to come off the island of Cuba. Smooth, sweet, and spicy, its universal and global appeal makes it the perfect flagship for a classic Cuban brand. 

Cohiba Esplendidos Overview

The Cohiba brand was formed in 1966 as a private production for Fidel Castro himself and high-level officials of the Communist Party. In that regard, Cohiba is synonymous with Cuba. Unfortunately, these private production cigars didn’t leave Cuba, especially not to the United States. So a rival Cohiba brand was established in the Dominican Republic. So remember, there is only one true Cohiba cigar brand. 

This Churchill size cigar comes in at a length of 6.9 inches and a ring gauge of 47. You’ll notice the cigar boasts a veinless medium brown wrapper and perhaps because of its smooth appearance, it is actually one of the most counterfeited cigars in the world. 

There are a few key points to look for to ensure that you have an authentic Cuban Cohiba. First, look for the Habanos label in the top right corner of the box. This too can be forged, but if it's not there, then the counterfeiters didn’t try very hard. You can also look to see if the box has a glass or lucite lid. If it does, they are fake as Cuban cigars are not packaged in that manner. 

Finally, if the price is too good to be true, then it's a fake. These are premium cigars that are always sold for a premium price, even when you find a good deal. 

Smoking a Cohiba Esplendidos

The first thing you will take note of when you pick up the Cohiba Esplendidos is its smooth finish. Sleek, veinless, and with a slight sheen, this is an attractive cigar from one end to the other. Before clipping the cap, be sure to appreciate the appearance in its entirety. 

Take your first draw and you’ll be greeted with a well-balanced mix of earthy tones, spice, and sweetness. The smooth nature of this cigar can lead you to believe you are but smoking light and tasteful air. It is not so bold so as to overpower newer cigar smokers, but complex enough that a novice may not be able to fully appreciate the complexity of the experience. 

Approximately halfway through the cigar, it will become more full-bodied with the earthy tones overpowering the sweet and spice. Yet, not so much that it changes the overall experience.. Towards the final third you will notice a resurgence of the sweet flavors. 

Cigar Value

It is hard to have anything negative to say about this cigar, but it is important to note that the Cohiba Esplendidos is considered a luxury cigar and is priced accordingly. They make an excellent gift for close friends or important business acquaintances because their long-term value and smoking potential are tremendous. Given the propensity for counterfeiters to target the Cohiba brand, if you find a price that seems too good to be true, it most likely is so. 

Cohiba Esplendidos Experience

We recommend the Cohiba Esplendidos for smokers who know how to truly appreciate the cigar smoking experience. It is perhaps not the best choice for a gathering of friends in university or fraternity days, but when you return for a reunion 20-years later with more discerning palates and better incomes, the Cohiba Esplendidos delivers the proper experience.