Cohiba Panetelas


Cohiba Panetelas


Cohiba Panetelas

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Ring Gauge 26
Length 115 mm / 4.5 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Small Panetela
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90% of 100
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The brand started in 1966 in Cuba at the order of Fidel Castro and now it is one of the most popular cigar brands. Cohiba Panetelas come in a Small Panetela shape, a large length and a gauge size of 26. The exterior is very smooth and it has a rich brown color. The hand-made cigars have a medium to full strength and an unique taste thanks to the Vuelta Abajot tobacco. The notes present are very rich and they feature spice, sweetness and echoes of natural tobacco.

Cohiba Panetelas cigars are rich, medium-to-full-bodied classics that enrapture the palate with earthy natural tobacco flavors. The savory Vuelta Abajo tobaccos and optimal aging provide exemplary complexity and taste. The smoke is balanced and smooth from start to finish, never straying too deeply into the full-bodied territory. Thick bursts of leather, oak, and spice occupy the last half of the Cohiba Panetelas experience. Sweet and spicy hints enhance the luxurious smoke as it comes to a lively yet composed conclusion.

The Cohiba Panetelas offer tremendous value in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the smoke is a luxuriously rich yet balanced affair that raises the bar for any cigar-smoking escape. Secondly, the compact size means you can enjoy an authentic Cohiba cigar anywhere, at any time. In addition, the Cohiba Panetelas cigars offer cigar lovers a comparatively affordable way to savor all the best of the legendary Cohiba character package in convenient five packs perfect for those on the go.

Cohiba is the world's top cigar brand, and any authentic Cohiba cigar is sure to deliver a uniquely engaging, deeply personal cigar-smoking experience. The Cohiba Panetelas allows you to enjoy the captivating Cohiba experience without the time constraints of larger Cohiba cigars. So, whether you are on the move or simply desire a shorter smoke, the Cohiba Panetelas allows you to light up whenever the mood strikes. The Cohiba Panetelas are ideal for pairing with your favorite coffee beverages or aperitifs.