Cohiba Lancero Cofre


Cohiba Lancero Cofre


Cohiba Lancero Cofre

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Ring Gauge 39
Length 192 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Long Panetela
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Cohiba Lancero Cofre Overview

Cohiba cigars are the benchmark by which all premium cigars are measured, and the Cohiba Lancero Cofre is one of the most cherished. The Lancero size was a favorite of Cuba's longtime leader Fidel Castro and became the go-to choice when presenting cigars to diplomats and other dignitaries. The modern-day Cohiba Lancero Cofre is a beautiful 7.6" x 39 cigar featuring the best Cuban tobaccos from the famous Vuelta Abajo region.

Smoking a Cohiba Lancero Cofre 

The Vuelta Abajo tobaccos and golden-brown wrapper leaf tickle the nose with floral, cedar, and spice aromas. Once underway, the medium-to-full-bodied Cohiba Lancero Cofre leaves the tastebuds awash in wood, buttered toffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, and cream flavors. Splashes of sweetness run throughout as the complex smoke builds layer after layer of savory natural tobacco nuances on the palate. A boldly structured yet composed finish brings the Cohiba Lancero Cofre to a satisfying close.

Cohiba Lancero Cofre Value

The long and slender Cohiba Lancero Cofre offers one of the Cohiba brand's most inviting and engaging cigar-smoking journeys. While Cohiba cigars are not for every budget, the Lancero Cofre delivers a complete experience at once rich, tasty, smooth, and fulfilling. In addition, the cigar's place in Cuban history and its cabinet-style wooden box or "cofre" added to the cigar's impressive qualities make for a unique value that is not found anywhere else in the world.

Cohiba Lancero Cofre Experience

The Cohiba Lancero Cofre perfectly represents the Cohiba experience, yet it is also much more. Its flavor, evolving character, flavor, and legacy elevate the cigar to something more than just another Cohiba. The Cohiba Lancero Cofre is best enjoyed with a fine whisky, bourbon, or rum during quieter moments. However, the cigar rewards those that take their time to savor every nuance of the entire Lancero Cofre experience with one of the great Cuban smokes available today.