Cohiba Robustos


Cohiba Robustos


Cohiba Robustos

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.8 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto
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99% of 100
Special Price 293.00 USD Regular Price 450.00 USD

Cohiba Robustos Overview

Cohiba is the benchmark by which all cigars are judged, and nowhere is the luxurious character of the cigars on better display than with the legendary Cohiba Robustos. Each cigar is a 4.8" x 50 beauty comprised of exquisite tobaccos from Cuba's famous Vuelta Abajo region. 

Cohiba Robustos cigars deliver silky smooth medium-plus rich yet balanced character. Additional fermentation in wood barrels enhances the blend further, making for a deeply satisfying body, taste, and aroma from the first draw to the last.

Smoking a Cohiba Robustos

The Cohiba Robustos cigar is a medium-full adventure that demonstrates the opulence of Cuba's finest tobaccos. Exceptional construction and the famous Cuban triple cap are readily apparent at first glance. The cold draw brings delectable flavors and aromas that envelope the palate once the smoke is underway. 

The well-constructed draw brings an uninterrupted flow of tantalizing wood, roasted almond, creamy marshmallow, espresso bean, earth, berry, leather, and spice flavors. The finish is long and complex, providing a lingering satisfaction that has helped make the Robustos so popular.

Cohiba Robustos Value

Cohiba Robustos cigars are pricey, to be sure, and they won't fit everyone's budget. However, the cigars offer an impressively sophisticated smoking experience not to be found outside of the Cohiba brand. Also, the cigars provide more comparative value than other Cohiba cigars.

Fine tobaccos, extra fermentation, extended aging, handmade construction, and great taste combine to make the Cohiba Robustos cigars exceptional smokes. If you are searching for the absolute best Cuban cigar experience, the Cohiba Robustos cigars are worth their weight in gold.

Cohiba Robustos Experience

Cohiba cigars are the optimal choice for any cigar lover wanting the best. Smooth, delicious, and complex, the Cohiba Robustos cigars are crowd-pleasing favorites you can always rely on to deliver a great smoke.

A box of 15 Cohiba Robustos cigars is the best way to enjoy a good supply of these delicious smokes without the hefty investment of larger quantities. So, treat yourself to one of the all-time great Robusto cigars and add Cohiba Robustos to your cigar lineup.