Cohiba Siglo V


Cohiba Siglo V


Cohiba Siglo V

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Ring Gauge 43
Length 170 mm / 6.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Lonsdale
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The Cohiba Siglo V has a fantastic range of chocolate, floral, and earth flavors in a medium body. Over the last 30 years it has become Cuba’s best known Lonsdale cigar, at 170 mm and ring gauge 43. 

Cohiba Siglo V Overview

The Siglo series was introduced in 1992 in commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, and currently includes six varieties. The Siglo V has been in production consistently for nearly 30 years.

The Siglo V is a generous 170 mm (6.6”) long and ring size 43, significantly larger than most of the others in the series. As with all Habanos, the tobacco is fully sourced and rolled in Cuba, with multiple Habanos, S.A. facilities used at various steps in the manufacturing process. 

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo V 

The Siglo V is full of unique flavors brought out by an extensive tobacco fermentation process. From the filler to the cap and wrapper, makers utilize a wide variety of tobacco in the blend. This tends to make the Siglo V appealing to almost all cigar smokers. It’s not extraordinary or groundbreaking, but it’s wonderfully smooth and consistent. 

Construction and Appearance

The Siglo V is a size known as a Lonsdale, which is between a Grand Corona and Churchill. It can be smoked for well over an hour, but won’t last as long as some of Cohiba’s larger cigars. The tobacco is deliberately packed to provide a slightly tight draw and allow the cigar to burn slowly.

Its wrapper is medium brown and has light veins throughout. The ratio of thickness to length makes it pleasant to hold without feeling too light or heavy. 

Taste and Flavor

Like the other Siglos, the Siglo V has pleasantly sweet undertones, including rich chocolate and mocha. There are also anise and floral notes during the first third, which make it stand out from the crowd. 

The second third brings out more earthy, leather flavors that still blend well with the sweeter notes throughout the cigar. For the last third, mild black pepper notes appear, while the other flavors darken with rich espresso undertones.

Cigar Value

The Siglo V is one of the most expensive Siglo options, putting it more on-par with what a Cohiba is supposed to cost (see the Siglo I or Siglo II for more affordable cigars in its range.) 

Consistent quality makes this a good buy, especially considering how long each one can be smoked for. The Siglo V does get better with age and with good humidor storage can be enjoyed over the next ten years. 

Cohiba Siglo V Experience 

This cigar is an excellent choice for aficionados who like to keep a stash of well-aged cigars for special occasions. It also makes an excellent gift for friends and colleagues.

Such consistent quality can also make the Siglo V a go-to cigar for many different occasions.