Trinidad Robustos T (Box 24)


Trinidad Robustos T (Box 24)


Trinidad Robustos T (Box 24)

More Information
Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto
Box 24
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80% of 100
413.00 USD
Box of 24

Trinidad’s elusive line made an exciting entrance into the cigar world in the late 1990s with its first official market auction. Since then, the line has continued to be rated alongside Cohiba and other top Cuban marcas, and the Trinidad Robustos are one of the top cigars coming out of Cuba.

This is a short stick at 4.9” and it’s massive on flavor. With a well-rounded profile dominated by a strong tea undertone, this is a stick meant to be savored. 

Trinidad Robustos Overview

A short and stout smoke, the Robustos from Trinidad is light in the hand but not underfilled. The flavor profile is impressive, with strong notes of tea and almost none of the brand’s characteristic spice. Trinidad came out with the 4.9”, 50 ring gauge Robusto in 2009, and the accolades have been flooding in ever since. 

Smoking a Trinidad Robustos

Once the distinctive Trinidad pigtail cap is removed, the Robusto lights up quickly with an open and peppery pre-draw, producing clouds of white smoke that have an oaky scent. At the first pull, this cigar displays no greenness at all, only subtle maturity. 

With no harsh pulls, the stick moves into its final third and reveals its true beauty with a toasted almond taste and a dash of cocoa powder. 

With billows of velvety smoke, the Trinidad Robusto is smooth from beginning to end, with a lovely nuttiness and an undertone of strong black tea and a sweet retrohale. It burns evenly and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Cigar Value

A cigar with this much complexity only benefits from aging in your humidor. Aim for at least three years, but even if you smoke a Trinidad Robusto straight from the box you will still rave about this stick. Compared with other Robustos available from Habanos, the Trinidad is relatively pricey. However, it is exclusive. And the consistent quality of the tobacco makes it well worth the investment.

Trinidad Robustos Experience

Never overpowering, the Trinidad Robusto is a powerful cigar with a slightly sweet retrohale, giving it a well-rounded taste and mouthfeel. You’ll want to smoke this cigar until it burns your fingers.

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