Trinidad La Trova (La Casa del Habano)


Trinidad La Trova (La Casa del Habano)


Trinidad La Trova (La Casa del Habano)

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 166 mm / 6.54 inches
Strength Medium
Size Robusto
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Exclusively produced for the La Casa del Habano lineup, the Trinidad Trova is a must-have in any cigar enthusiast’s humidor. With its full flavors and full body, the Trova is a stick that insists on the smoker’s full attention.

Trinidad Trova Overview

Made with tobacco exclusively from the Vuelta Abajo region, this is a big cigar at 6.5” and a ring gauge of 52. 

A beautiful looking stick, the Trinidad Trova is slightly oily with a Colorado wrapper. You need a solid two and a half hours to smoke this Cuban beauty, and it pairs as well with a quiet moment alone as it does with a festive, memorable gathering.  

Smoking a Trinidad Trova

With its pigtail cap you may be skeptical. However a simple pinch results in a clean and even draw. 

Predraw notes alight upon cedary and nutty flavors. Within a few minutes you know that the Trinidad Trova is something special. The flavor starts light to medium and grows to a full-bodied stick by the final third. 

The first third morphs into the middle third with creamy coffee, chocolate, earth, and a hint of hazelnut, and the flavors deepen as the ash grows. As the complexity expands a taste of toasted walnut comes to the forefront, with a touch of cocoa appearing from time to time. 

The last third of this stick is now at full-strength and full flavor, and it ends with lots of fragrant smoke and a blend of cream, roasted nuts, and spice.

Cigar Value

The Trinidad La Trova benefits immensely from some time in the humidor. Without aging, the stick can sometimes become bitter towards the end. However, with proper aging, this cigar is something extraordinary.

Trinidad Trova Experience

The Trinidad Trova is an exceptional example of Cuban craftsmanship. You should give it adequate time to age and smoke. Pair it with something equally as complex, like an aged whiskey or brandy. It demands the smoker’s attention as it grows to full body in flavor and strength. 

This cigar is not easily forgotten.