Trinidad Fundadores


Trinidad Fundadores


Trinidad Fundadores

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Ring Gauge 40
Length 192 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Lonsdale
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As the first commercial offering from the secretive cigar house, the Trinidad Fundadores holds a special place in many aficionados' hearts. 

Offering a near perfect construction and draw, as well as a dynamic flavor progression along the stick, these elegant Lanceros are among the very top-tier cigars from Cuba. 

Trinidad Fundadores Overview

Unchanged since it was first produced and gifted to dignitaries in the 1960s, this long, elegant cigar has a 7.6” length with a neat 40 ring gauge. Its primary notes of vanilla, espresso, and honey interweave with herbal, floral, and baking aromas for an unforgettable smoking experience.

Smoking a Trinidad Fundadores

The light brown, slightly wrinkled wrapper is springy to the touch, and cold draw notes smell subtly of cloves and sweet cedar. 

The sweet cedar begins to diminish from the first, and a mild grassiness with touches of cream settle in as the cigar draws near its middle mark. 

Tastes of graham crackers take you straight through the middle third of the Trinidad Fundadores. The spiciness becomes more prominent in the final third, with complimentary notes of hay and sweet grass.

Cigar Value

An excellent smoke for connoisseurs and a must-have for the serious smoker’s collection, the Trinidad Fundadore provides both flavorful complexity and subtlety. The flavors are complicated and only deepen with time spent in the humidor.

Trinidad Fundadores Experience

With three or more years of aging, the Fundadores loses its lingering rawness and comes into its own, ranking as one of the best Cuban Lanceros along with the Cohiba Lancero and the Bolivar Especiales. The Trinidad Fundadore matures into a complex and flavorful smoke with proper treatment, perfect for after a sumptuous repast.