Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 155 mm / 6.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Long Corona
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98% of 100
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The Cohiba Siglo III is an expertly constructed cigar revealing mild flavors and nuanced textures. It gives off a rich, creamy smoke and taste, a 6-inch cigar that’s ideal for outdoor social events and new

Cohiba Siglo III Overview

This 6-inch cigar is part of the Siglo series, which are all milder than other Cohiba cigars. With a 42 ring gauge and a perfectly-constructed 3-seam cap, it has a light- to medium-bodied flavor, and provides a famously creamy taste. 

Most aficionados swear by aging this cigar for an even more intense experience and to develop the flavors in each third further. 

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo III

The pre-smoke and pre-draw scent are delicious and enticing. Containing consistent undertones of natural dried fruit, this cigar emits a base layer of a creamy, woody taste. Tinges of both espresso and caramel come through as you smoke. 

Initially it can feel like an oily smoke, although this is a desirable feature. The Cohiba Siglo III then pushes into an oakier overtone. There’s also the slightly salted, classic Cohiba cedar-wood flavor. The draw can be tight initially, but it soon loosens up.

The Siglo III’s wrapper is very tightly bound and beautifully constructed, shaded a deep brown by the Medio Claro leaf. The flat head is another distinctive feature. 

Cigar Value

This is a relatively expensive cigar, but very much worth the price if you’re a fan of the model Cohiba construction, with its seamed cap and tightly bound wrapping. 

Cohiba Siglo IIIs have excellent aging potential and a great to save for outdoor social smoking.

Cohiba Siglo III Experience

The Siglo III is for everyone who prefers a more mellow smoking experience. This cigar is a perfect companion for an after-dinner discussion with friends and family. Take your time and smoke it with relish.