Partagas Serie No. 1 (Edición Limitada 2017)


Partagas Serie No. 1 (Edición Limitada 2017)


Partagas Serie No. 1 (Edición Limitada 2017)

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 138 mm / 5.43 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Churchill
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100% of 100
Special Price 98.00 USD Regular Price 122.00 USD

The Partagas Serie No 1 produces exceptional clouds of creamy smoke and features dark chocolate, oak, and earth flavors without bitterness. Almost unparalleled after some time in the humidor, this cigar is a treat to the senses. 

Partagas Serie No 1 Overview

With a dark, oily wrapper and three-seam cap, the Serie No 1 takes a little over an hour to smoke. It has a slightly salty finish that complements its woodiness. At 5½” and with a ring gauge of 52, this is a medium-full strength stick.

Smoking a Partagas Serie No 1

With a light brown wrapper, a little oil, and a few veins, this is a handsome cigar that is consistently springy and spongy in all the right places. Predraw is even, and the foot and cap emit odors of hay, wood, and chocolate, with a touch of dried strawberries. 

The Serie No 1 has an extraordinary opening, blending creaminess and spice for a well-rounded, complex flavor profile. It’s this opening that really wows smokers - few cigars deliver so much so early. 

The second third reveals less spice, with more coffee and wood flavors taking center stage. The final third of the Serie No 1 has a fantastic blend of nuttiness, baking spice, and sweetness, with the intensity calming abating for a mellow finish. 

Cigar Value

Although some smokers feel that these cigars are a little young right out of the box, there is no bitterness. Still, the Partagas Serie No 1 ages very well in a humidor and represents a long-term investment for collectors due to its limited edition status. 

Partagas Serie No 1 Experience

With predominant flavors of leather, wood, and chocolate, the cigar perfectly blends creaminess and a nougaty tang. If you want to be impressed almost immediately after lighting up, this limited edition is sublime.