Ah, a fine Cuban cigar, an exquisite experience from first puff to last. Nuanced flavors, aromatic smoke, superb craftsmanship and a smoke for every occasion.

If you want to do it right, then only the finest cigars from Cuba will do! Here is an overview of the top cigar brands in Cuba and what you can expect from these brands.

Top Cigar Brands in Cuba

Cuba continues to set the bar for what makes a great cigar. The exceptional quality of the soil and climate provide ideal conditions to cultivate Cuba’s legendary tobacco. Most brands create cigars individually blended and rolled by master cigar makers. The result is this collection of cigars that represents not only the top cigar brands in Cuba, but the top cigars in the world.


This most famous cigar brand backs up its hype with richly flavored and complex smokes. Cuba’s best tobaccos and most rigorous cigar making techniques keep authentic Cohiba cigars miles ahead of the competition, leaving the non-Cuban cigars sold under the Cohiba name in the US far behind.


Next to Cohiba, Cuban-made Montecristo cigars reign as the most beloved cigar brands of all-time. Smooth, flavorful, and balanced, these legendary cigars are as satisfying as they come.


While Cohiba and Montecristo might get most of the glory, Cuban Punch cigars continue to be a go-to choice for cigar aficionados. Thickly textured and loaded with taste, these treasures are great anytime.

Romeo y Julieta

A fan favorite year after year, Romeo y Julieta offers sumptuously smooth smokes and a wide range of cigar sizes that appeal to just about everyone.


This famous brand emerged out of Cuba in 1845 and has been a connoisseur favorite ever since. The Partagas Lusitanias is a true legend.

H. Upmann

Another Cuban brand dating back to the 1840s, H. Upmann maintains its place as one of the world’s top brands by offering beautifully balanced and deeply gratifying smokes. Enjoy these in the morning, the afternoon and at night.


This storied brand has often been left in the shadow of Cohiba, yet Trinidad is one of the premier cigar brands coming out of Cuba. These impressively smooth and delectable smokes simply cannot be ignored.


The legend of Bolivar cigars continues to grow with each passing year, offering veteran cigar connoisseurs a joyously rich and savory cigar smoking journey. Not foe beginners, these are best suited for experienced palates.

Hoyo de Monterrey

A brand that stacks up against any of the best in the World, Hoyo de Monterrey delights with a rich textured smoke supporting a broad range of pleasing flavors. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas is an experience not to be missed!

Vegas Robaina

While not as well known as other Cuban brands, Vegas Robaina is one of the very best for experienced smokers. Aficionados favor Vegas Robaina cigars for their thickly textured flavor and body.


Cuaba is another Cuban brand that slides under the radar, yet these luscious smokes are wondrously flavorful and complex. Offered only in a variety of Figurados, Cuaba is a dream for lovers of shaped cigars.

Juan Lopez

With intense flavor and smooth character rising out of their well-aged tobacco, Juan Lopez cigars are ta go-to choice for a broad spectrum of cigar enthusiasts. The Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 is a stunner.

Quai D'Orsay

The Quai D’Orsay line is another of Cuba’s top brands that has gone largely unheralded by casual cigar smokers in North America. Connoisseurs around the globe revere the bold taste and balanced character each cigar offers.

Enjoy Top Cuban Cigars

Whether it be the soil, the climate, the tobacco, craft, or mystique, each of the top cigar brands brings unique qualities to your cigar smoking experience. These wondrous escapes simply cannot be duplicated by lesser brands, so go for the best and get the top Cuban cigars at the leading online cigar store today!