Punch Regios de Punch (Edición Limitada 2017)


Punch Regios de Punch (Edición Limitada 2017)


Punch Regios de Punch (Edición Limitada 2017)

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Ring Gauge 48
Length 120 mm / 4.75 Inch
Strength Medium
Size Robusto
Availability: In stock
Special Price 518.00 USD Regular Price 740.00 USD

A limited-edition run from 2017, the Regios de Punch is medium-bodied with oak and thick vanilla notes. Aged two years pre-release it’s very much a collector’s item, although it's an equally attractive smoke for beginners and aficionados alike. 

Regios de Punch Overview

As with all Punch cigars, the limited-edition Regios de Punch is made with tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region. At 4.7” and ring gauge 48 it’s actually a smidgen smaller than a Robusto. It’s a Corona Extra but looks and smokes as per a Cuban Robusto. 

Smoking a Regios de Punch

Regios de Punch cigars feel lighter and some find that the draw is a little loose. It burns slow and you can usually get close to 90 minutes of smoking time to thoroughly savor the flavors.

Regios de Punch provide a pleasant, creamy smoking experience with ample woody oak notes, along with plenty of brown sugar and vanilla. The second and final thirds are heavier on black pepper notes, with a hint of lemon and bitter orange providing the balance. 

Cigar Value

This is a limited-edition run from 2017, which makes it notably collectible and is among the most expensive offerings Punch offers, partly because the tobacco has already been aged for at least two years.

The creamy body and occasional spicy notes are easy for both novices and aficionados to enjoy. With a good humidor you can expect these cigars to develop for another ten years.

Regios de Punch Experience

The Regios de Punch is especially enjoyable with the right pairing. Bring out the full woody and citrusy undertones with a Manhattan cocktail, or try a sweeter note with some light rum.