Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 129 mm / 5.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Petit Corona
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The Cohiba Siglo II is sometimes overlooked by collectors, but its superb mild-to-medium flavor profile includes wood, chocolate, and buttery caramel notes. This is an excellent value mild- to medium-bodied cigar, ideal for everyday occasions. 

Cohiba Siglo II Overview 

The Siglo II is exceptional value for its quality. While it may not be the premier of all Cuban cigars, this is still a faultless and easy to appreciate smoke. 

This Petite Corona is slightly longer and thicker than the Siglo I. It measures 129 mm (5”) long and has a 42 ring gauge. This makes it a little shorter and thinner than the average Cohiba cigar and the shorter smoking time makes it favorable in many situations. 

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo II

The Siglo II places a heavy emphasis on sweet and mild flavors. It’s highly enjoyable and easy to smoke, and it pairs well with a light whisky or coffee. The trademark Cohiba quality can be felt throughout, although it is definitely a cigar for those who appreciate lighter flavor profiles.

Construction and Feel

Like all Cohibas, the Siglo II is packed and wrapped carefully, with no soft spots or irregularities to interfere with an even burn. The shorter length gives it a slightly shorter burn time than most, but it still provides around an hour of smoke time. 

The wrapper is firm and smooth, giving it a luxurious feel between your fingers. It’s easy to forget that this is one of Cohiba’s less-expensive cigars, especially when comparing it to cigars from outside Cuba. 

Flavors and Aromas

The light flavors of the Siglo II revolve around chocolate, caramel, and vanilla notes, but these flavors don’t come out strongly until the second third. The first third is very mild and light, with more woody overtones than sweet ones. Once the cigar has reached the halfway mark, espresso and oatmeal notes emerge, providing a classic blend of mild flavors.

The last third is largely the same as the second, with sweet and savory notes continuing to dominate any spicy undertones. The intensity of the cigar remains the same throughout and you don’t get the evolution of flavor apparent in more expensive cigars. 

One of the best things about the Siglo II is the lack of harshness in the last third. It remains beautifully balanced and smokeable all the way to the end, without any bitterness. It’s a cigar most people smoke right to the end. 

Cigar Value 

Although it’s slightly more expensive than the Siglo I, the Siglo II remains one of the best value Cuban cigars. Cohiba is a high-end brand and even their cheapest options can seem above-average in price. However, the quality of the smoke is paramount and a Siglo II trumps most non Cuban cigars. 

Cohiba Siglo II Experience

The Siglo II is perfect for fans of mild-to-medium cigars who want an easy smoke. The flavor profile leans towards those who really seek to avoid bitter or spicy notes. 

It’s affordable for casual smokers, but high enough quality to give as a gift to a fellow enthusiast. It’s perfect for pairing with lighter drinks or just enjoying on its own.