Vegueros Mañanitas


Vegueros Mañanitas


Vegueros Mañanitas

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Ring Gauge 46
Length 100 mm / 3.94 Inch
Strength Light
Size Petit Pirámide
Box 16
Availability: Out of stock
103.00 USD
Box of 16

Vegueros Mananitas Overview

The Vegueros Mananitas is a 3.9" x 46 Figurado that deftly blends character, taste, and value. A select blend of long-filler tobaccos is assembled totally by hand at the Francisco Donatien factory in Cuba's famous tobacco-growing center of Pinar del Rio.

Smoking a Vegueros Mananitas

The Mananitas offers a silky, medium-bodied excursion centered around savory pepper, earth, and wood nuances. Hints of sweet spice, cream, nut, and citrus flavors are sprinkled throughout with a refined and satisfying finish.

Vegueros Mananitas Value

The Vegueros Mananitas rewards cigar enthusiasts with a short but flavorful smoke that delivers a modern Cuban cigar experience far less than other famous Cuban cigars. The cigars are packaged in a metal tin which makes a great gift or keepsake.

Vegueros Mananitas Experience

The Mananitas brings a unique cigar shape, elegance, and value to the Cuban cigar experience. It finds a happy medium between budget cigars and higher-priced super premiums, making it a top pick for everyday cigar fans.

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