Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

Vegas Robaina
Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

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Ring Gauge 49
Length 194 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Double Corona
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100% of 100
Special Price 465.00 USD Regular Price 715.00 USD

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Overview

The Vegas Robaina brand was launched in 1997 as an homage to Don Alejandro Robaina, one of the most influential of all of Cuba's tobacco growers. The Robaina family has been at the heart of Cuba's tobacco farming since 1845. The brand is often overshadowed by more famous brands, such as Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo, yet Vegas Robaina cigars offer compelling Cuban cigar experiences that rank amongst the world's best. Named in honor of the master tobacco grower himself, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a tantalizing 7 5/8" x 49 Double Corona crafted of the Vuelta Abajo tobaccos Don Alejandro held so dear.

Smoking a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a luxurious medium-to-full-bodied affair that instantly grabs attention with a central natural tobacco character. As the beautifully composed smoke progresses, hearty earth, leather, marzipan, coffee bean, cedar, balsa, and cinnamon notes blanket the palate. Spicy pepper nuances engage with deliciously sweet cocoa and berry flavors during the complex journey. While the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro's body and strength increase with the approach of a robust finish, the experience is never overwhelming and always entertaining.

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Value

The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a gloriously rich and complex yet balanced smoke that delivers a smoke every bit the equal of more famous and more expensive Cuban cigars. It provides a grand tribute to a Cuban cigar industry icon while soothing the tastebuds with a Cuban cigar experience like no other. For those searching for an alternative to the over-hyped superstar Cuban brands, Vegas Robaina cigars and, in particular, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro are dream smokes not to be missed.

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Experience

The Vegas Robaina brand has maintained an intriguing balancing act between being overshadowed by more famous Cuban brands and being held with such esteem by connoisseurs and industry professionals. If you are ready for a Cuban cigar adventure outside the mainstream that is both compelling and endlessly rewarding, then the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro should be at the top of your list. So, add a box of 25 Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro cigars to your collection and start savoring one of the best.