Punch Punch (Box 50)


Punch Punch (Box 50)


Punch Punch (Box 50)

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Ring Gauge 46
Length 143 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Grand Corona
Box 50
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Box of 50

A classic Corona Gorda, Punch Punch has been a legendary Cuban cigar since before the time of Castro and co. Bursting with character as it emits plumes of floral smoke, it’s a medium-bodied smoke enjoyable on any unhurried evening.  

Punch Punch Cigars Overview

Punch Punch cigars are beautifully wrapped in a medium brown leaf and have an amazingly smooth draw. Overall quality of construction and burn is consistently good, especially when inspecting a 50 cab. 

At 46 ring gauge and 5.6” long, this is one of the Grand Coronas that made Cuba the number one manufacturer of Coronas. 

Smoking a Punch Punch Cigar

Punch Punch cigars are a bold offering from the reliable Punch brand. The full-bodied stick is heavy on the ligero filler, creating oily, flavorful smoke. Once lit, the cigar emits heavy clouds of white smoke.

The cigar emphasizes spicy and woody flavors but with subtle vanilla and herbal notes throughout. The first third has more butterscotch and almond notes and is a solid medium strength. In the second and final thirds, the sweet notes fade and give way to spicier overtones, combined with damp earth and toasted walnuts.

Cigar Value

Punch Punch cigars are very high quality but reasonable in price. They are a mid-range option ideal for regular smokers. 

These cigars also don’t require much aging, so they’re perfect for stocking up for casual smoking. With a 50 cab you can experiment with aging. With a good humidor you won’t notice any deterioration even after 10+ years aging.

Punch Punch Cigars Experience

The subtle sweet notes of Punch Punch cigars make them pair well with a light rum that won’t overwhelm the cigar’s complex notes. 

Pulling out a Punch Punch isn’t as impressive as something more famous from Cuba, but if you prefer smoking over posturing Punch Punch is excellent value.

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