Plasencia Reserva Original Toro


Plasencia Reserva Original Toro


Plasencia Reserva Original Toro

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 155 mm / 6 Inch
Strength Mild to medium
Size Toro
Product Presentation Box of 10
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Box of 10

Plasencia Reserva Original Toro Overview

The Plasencia family is a true powerhouse in the cigar industry, with their tobacco growing and cigar production concerns stretching near and wide. The Plasencia Reserva Original Toro is a prime example of the family’s dedication to excellence in cultivating quality tobacco and expert cigar craftsmanship. This Nicaraguan Puro delivers a smooth yet complex flavor profile that has made it a favorite among cigar aficionados, first in Europe, where the cigars were originally released, and now around the world.

Smoking a Plasencia Reserva Original Toro

The Plasencia Original Toro is an inviting 6” x 50 cigar using carefully selected Nicaraguan tobaccos aged to perfection. The result is a medium-bodied experience built around complex earth, cedar, walnut, and spice notes. Hints of tropical fruit, almond and caramel pepper the tastebuds, while sweet and spicy flourishes punctuate a smooth and savory finish.

Plasencia Reserva Original Toro Value

The Plasencia family knows a thing or two about cigars, and the Reserva Original series is all the proof required. Richly composed and satisfying to the last, the Plasencia Reserva Original Toro is a favorite that you can return to as a reliable option that offers endless rewards no matter the setting or mood.

Plasencia Reserva Original Toro Experience

The Plasencia family’s expertise is on full display with the Reserva Original Toro. Whether you're new to Plasencia cigars or already a fan, the highly entertaining cigars offer an impressive smoke rooted in exceptional quality in tobacco cultivation and cigar production. There is only one way to discover the hidden gifts the Reserva Original Toro offers. So, grab your box of 10 Toros today.

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