Partagas Shorts


Partagas Shorts


Partagas Shorts

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 110 mm / 4.3 inches
Strength Full
Size Petit Corona
Availability: In stock
95% of 100
Special Price 323.00 USD Regular Price 430.00 USD

Redolent of herbs, vanilla, and spice, the Partagas Shorts adds value to any smoker’s humidor. This demi corona packs a lot of punch into a small amount of smoking time.

Partagas Shorts Overview

Producing a generous amount of smoke for such a small stogie, Partagas Shorts are anything but one-dimensional. With a smoking time of just 30 to 45 minutes, the Partaga Short is 4.3” long and has a ring gauge of 42.

Smoking Partagas Shorts

This is a well-constructed cigar with few veins or construction issues and an even burn, as would be expected from any demi corona originating in Cuba.

The mild pre-light aromas of chocolate and vanilla belie the power of this cigar’s flavor profile. Upon lighting the Partagas Short there is strong black pepper with a tang of green bell pepper and bold wood notes. 

The middle third introduces a more rounded, sweet flavor, and the chocolate that was apparent in the predraw now makes an appearance. The Short ends strong with a full body and pepper dominating the taste.

Cigar Value

The Partagas Shorts have a loyal following of devoted smokers and for a good reason. The stick is a powerhouse of flavor in a playful size that comes in a cab of 50 for the same price you would pay for half the amount of larger vitolas.

Partagas Shorts Experience

Punchy, short smokes with overtones of black pepper mellowed by a dark chocolate tang, the Partagas Shorts create clouds of aromatic blue smoke and have a simply unforgettable taste.