Partagas 898 Varnished


Partagas 898 Varnished


Partagas 898 Varnished

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Ring Gauge 43
Length 170 mm / 6.7 inches
Strength Full
Size Lonsdale
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Partagas are one of the most famous marcas coming out of Cuba, and the Partagas 898 is a prime example of the brand’s craftsmanship and expertise. 

Known for its stellar flavor profile and incredibly high consistency from box to box, the 898 is a shining star of the Partagas line. When appropriately aged these cigars are divine. 

Partagas 898 Overview

There are two types of Partagas 898 – varnished and unvarnished – and the primary distinction between the two is size. The varnished 898 is 6¾” with a ring gauge of 43, whereas the unvarnished 898 is 6⅛ with a 42 gauge. 

Both look and feel the same. You need to be a real expert to identify the subtle flavor differences. The main difference is that half inch. And when a cigar is as detailed as a Partagas 898, you really want that extra inch - so go for the varnished variety. 

Smoking a Partagas 898

The wrapper is a beautiful dark to medium brown with a perfectly applied triple cap. It is long and lean and has a satisfying weight in the hand. The cold draw is redolent of soil and white pepper. Due to the exceptional construction, the burn line is even with dark grey ash that holds well throughout the stogie’s length. 

This stick builds flavor gradually, layer by layer. The initial third is light with quiet tones of woody cedar and hay, and with minimal smoke. As you near the middle third, however, the power of this stick becomes apparent. 

Trademark Partagas spices debut in the middle third, without any creaminess but plenty of leather and coffee, and a lot of smoke. The final third maintains the smoke output and balances out some of the more decadent flavors with acidity. All in all it’s a cigar that starts slow and ends with a delightful punch, hence the appeal of a full 6¾”.

Cigar Value

Partagas are the best selling cigars in the Habanos lineup. Their unrivaled complexity makes them a solid investment for any serious cigar smoker. Even though this cigar ages incredibly well in the humidor, it is ready to smoke out of the box. Almost all aficionados dry-box the 898 for a day or two before smoking as these cigars can initally feel slightly moist.

Partagas 898 Experience

The Partagas 898 is an elegant smoke with all the classic Partagas attributes, like billows of aromatic smoke and cocoa, leather, and spice as predominant flavors. The real surprise with the 898 is how mellow it starts and how powerful it ends. This is not a cigar you will easily forget.