Montecristo Master Open Series


Montecristo Master Open Series


Montecristo Master Open Series

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Light to Medium
Size Robusto
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99% of 100
Special Price 199.00 USD Regular Price 306.00 USD

Elegant and refined, the Master Open Series is a Robusto that has become highly sought after by cigar collectors all around the world. 

With its crisp, fresh flavors and mid to light strength body, this cigar is ideal for those who like to smoke while outdoors. It’s ideal for people who are new to cigar smoking and don’t want a cigar that’s too overwhelming. 

Master Open Series Overview

With an easy draw and the intense flavors holding out until the final third, this is the perfect stick to take with you on your outdoor adventures. Named after the tennis competition, the Master Open Series, this 4.9” 50 gauge stogie has the perfect balance of spice and sweetness. 

Smoking a Master Open Series

Look at the Master Open cigar and you will note bumps and veins on the wrapper, golden with a beautiful oily sheen. Pre-lit, the foot emits scents of cedar and hay. The pre-draw reveals a robust and earthy profile with sweet caramel and a tang of barnyard.

Upon lighting the Master Open Series, you’ll note that the first draws may be tight. They do open up, offering a consistent burn throughout. The smoke is aromatic and oily, redolent with wood and nuttiness. 

In the first third, the spiciness makes room for more subtle notes like cocoa and coffee. The middle third exhibits a slight bitterness blended with fresh cream, along with a well-rounded balance of butternut sweetness, cedar, and high citrus tones.

In the final third, the cigar finishes with a medium-strength denouement that is uncharacteristic of Cuban tobacco. It’s this final third surprise that contributes to the cigar’s popularity among collectors. 

Cigar Value

The Master Open is a Montecristo, one of the most popular marcas from Cuba, and it ages and maintains its value very well. Rarity has pushed up its price in recent years. 

Master Open Series Experience

This cigar is the perfect companion for an outdoor afternoon. It offers complex flavors and medium strength and body. Taking about an hour to smoke entirely, the Master Open cigar does not overwhelm but provides layers of subtle flavors.