H.Upmann Robustos Añejados


H.Upmann Robustos Añejados


H.Upmann Robustos Añejados

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Medium
Size Robusto
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The Robustos Anejados is the most well-rounded cigar in the H Upmann’s Anejados range. The light, sweetened body pairs perfectly with its roasted tobacco undertones. This cigar has a satisfying final third, smoothly bringing together a complex flavor profile. 

Robustos Anejados Overview

This medium-bodied Robusto is just under 5” long and was released recently as part of the Cuban Anejados series and a trend towards pre-aged cigars. It has a smooth, saffron-tinted exterior and a rounded cap. At 50 ring gauge it sits in the middle of the H Upmann range. 

H Upmann ages these cigars for between five to eight years before appearing on the market, lending them a fuller, more mature taste than their younger counterparts. 

Smoking a Robustos Anejados

This cigar comes in a gorgeous white box, as one in a pack of 25. It has a rich, velvety brown exterior and a smooth rounded cap. The flavor profile help it to pair well with any meat, fish, or wine

The Robusto gives a constant, easy draw, delivering notes of roasted nuts and flavorsome creaminess. This cigar has a complex and integrated web of flavor, especially in the final third. If you put out your cigars after two thirds you really miss out with the Robustos Anejados. 

The first third has prevailing creamy undertones, which give way to a sweet, nutty middle third. This final third is where the Robustos comes into its own, combining bombastic, punchy overtones with a reliable, sweet base of flavor. 

Cigar Value

This cigar is an impressive member of the H Upmann range and its flavor only gets more eclectic and exciting over time. These are worth aging but can be smoked now. 

Robustos Anejados Experience

This cigar provides a balanced and varied tasting experience that impresses a full spectrum of cigar smokers. There is balance to this smoke and the medium to full-bodied profile is delightfully sweet throughout. 

It does burn faster than most Cuban cigars and you can easily smoke through a box in no time at all. Whether that is a good or bad thing is personal preference!