H. Upmann No. 2


H. Upmann No. 2


H. Upmann No. 2

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 156 mm / 6.1 inches
Strength Medium
Size Torpedo
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The H Upmann No. 2 has the same distinctly pointed appearance and substantial ring gauge as world-renowned torpedo Montecristo No. 2. It’s not as well known and much cheaper, but features a similar rich, earthy aroma. And such complex depth makes it a beloved of cigar aficionados across the globe.

H Upmann No. 2

As one of the oldest cigar brands in the world, H. Upmann created a lasting legacy when he developed the No. 2. 

This luxurious smoke is made with a wrapper, binder, and long filler exclusively sourced from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. The figurado-sized cigar is 6 ⅛” in length with a bold 52 ring gauge that further creates an impressive profile. The pyramid shape has a neat taper and minimal veining. 

Smoking an H Upmann No. 2

The H Upmann No. 2 torpedo has a weighty feel and an even appearance. Its oily wrapper suggests the depth of flavor hidden beneath and gives off a mildly woody nose. 

This cigar is a hearty medium-bodied smoke with notes of fruit, coffee, roasted nuts, and a pinch of black pepper. 

A consistent, slow combustion in the first third provides classic medium-bodied aromas of tea and cedar. After the first inch, the cigar gives a smooth, long finish, developing the richness of the cigar. 

The second third opens up your palate to sweeter fruit and floral notes, and the final third ends with bold leather and cocoa.

Cigar Value

For many aficionados the H Upmann No 2 is almost in the same league as the Montecristo No 2. Almost, so no it’s not quite as good. But it’s significantly cheaper and there are far fewer fakes on the market. 

H Upmann No. 2 Experience

For serious cigar lovers, the H Upmann No. 2 is a singular experience, appealing to people who enjoy both light and fuller smokes. It is a satisfying alternative to the classic Montecristo No. 2 and only gets better with careful aging.