H. Upmann Petit Coronas


H. Upmann Petit Coronas


H. Upmann Petit Coronas

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 129 mm / 5.0 inches
Strength Light to Medium
Size Petit Corona
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98% of 100
Special Price 216.00 USD Regular Price 270.00 USD

Exhibiting rich spicy notes that complement the aromas of cocoa, coffee, and cream, the flavor profile of the H. Upmann Petit Corona comes wrapped in a pint-sized package. Enjoy a flavorful smoke without the full-bodied strength of a standard cigar.

H. Upmann Petit Corona Overview

What began as a side hobby for an ambitious German banker became a lifelong passion and an enduring legacy for H. Upmann. The flagship Petit Corona was in production  long before the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry in 1960. 

H. Upmann Petit Coronas have developed a following among cigar lovers for their smooth smoking experience and complex, yet mild, flavor profile. These characteristics make these smokes an ideal entry point into the world of high-end Cuban cigars.

The Petit Corona miniature cigar measures in at just 5 ⅛” with a slender 42 ring gauge. It’s a shorter smoke than most standard cigars, but it still delivers an intriguing depth of flavor.

Smoking a H. Upmann Petit Corona

H. Upmann’s signature blend of Vuelta Abajo tobacco is used in every part of the Petit Corona, from the rich dark brown wrapper to the long filler. The lightly-pressed corona shape delivers a smooth, consistent smoke from start to finish, allowing you to take in the complex aromas despite the short 40-minute smoke time. The first draw offers a subtle spiciness and cedar scent that develops into rich caramel notes towards the end of the first third. The second third provides a toasted nutty aroma that blends into a lush coffee and cream taste towards the final third.

Cigar Value

At just over $6 per cigar, or $165 for a box of 25, the H. Upmann Petit Corona comes in at a similar price point to most other authentic Cuban Petit Corona styles. However, the H. Upmann packs a lot of flavor and an exceptional smoking experience into a small package, making it one of the best value Petit Coronas on the market. If you are a beginner and are interested in the very best first cigar to smoke, consider a Montecristo No. 4. Connoisseurs wanting the best Petit Corona money can buy should consider the Cohiba Siglo II, which is a step above the H. Upmann in terms of complexity.

H. Upmann Petit Corona Experience

The light- to medium-bodied H. Upmann Petit Corona has an exceptional flavor profile that benefits from aging to develop the sumptuous spice notes. The mild flavor is suitable for a beginner, but also offers cigar aficionados an enjoyably smooth smoke. It’s an ideal choice for when you are short on time but don’t want to sacrifice flavor. It’s also a fantastic go-to when you don’t have an occasion and simply want to enjoy a nice cigar.