How to Taste a Cigar

There is so much more to a cigar than just tobacco and smoke. Understanding the different flavors on offer will enhance your cigar smoking experience. This quick guide shows you how to taste a cigar and describe what you are tasting.

In just a few minutes of reading you will learn how to elevate the experience each time you smoke a cigar.

How to Taste a Cigar


Trying to make sense of all the different flavors can be overwhelming, especially since everybody has different tastes and palate. There are no wrong answers for identifying flavor, so go with what your taste buds and nose are telling you. The trick is to train your senses to seek out each characteristic of the cigar.

First let the smoke settle over your palate so that you can pick up the general taste of each cigar. Give the cigar time to make an impression.

As your senses become more accustomed to the cigar you can start to pick out dominant flavors. Try using a   for inspiration as it can be initially hard to identify exactly what you’re tasting. A cigar flavor wheel is a perfect tool to help you better focus on particular flavors, especially when you taste something familiar but can’t quite place it.

With more experience you will eventually identify more subtle nuances in taste, aftertaste, and aroma. Taking note of how your senses respond to flavors and aroma helps you identify tobacco types and zero in on smokes that better suit your tastes.

What Do You Taste on a Cigar


Cuban cigars are limitless. There are so many different ways people will taste the same cigar. Cigars are incredibly complex so what is it that you are actually tasting? How does your palate react to a Cohiba compared to a Montecristo cigar? What flavors can you expect from one cigar to another?

Flavors can range from the most basic sweet, spicy, woody, earthy or peppery to more specific flavors such as cashew, lemongrass, macaroon, or candied almond. Have fun with it and see how specific you can get. If you notice a cigar has a woody taste, for example, you might be able to pick up notes of cedar, charred oak, mesquite, pine, or balsa.

Tasting a Cuban Cigar


Understanding different flavors will help develop your palate and keep you on the path to becoming an all-star cigar connoisseur. So, don’t just smoke a cigar. Savor the flavor and enjoy every moment with Cuban cigars from your favorite online cigar shop today!