Cigar Strength

Cigar strength is frequently mixed up with cigar body and flavor. Even some tobacconists don’t discuss cigar strength. So if you are left scratching your head when trying to understand cigar strength, you are not alone.

This brief guide will provide you with everything you need to know about cigar strength in just two minutes.

As with body and taste, cigar strength is an important consideration when selecting a cigar. Strength is so often confused with these other factors but the explanation is actually very simple. Cigar strength simply describes a cigar’s nicotine level and how it interacts with your body.

Cigars with lower levels of nicotine, such as El Rey Del Mundo cigars, are classified as mild in strength, while those with higher levels are considered bold. If nicotine levels are somewhere in between, as with an H. Upmann No. 2, then the cigar is medium strength.

Cigar Strength is Different to Body & Flavor


The similar terminology used to describe cigar strength and cigar body can confuse things, so it helps to understand the differences. Whereas cigar strength represents a cigar’s nicotine level, the body describes the overall character of a cigar and how its flavor falls upon your palate. For example, a cigar with a middle of the road nicotine level and a bold character is a medium-strength, full-bodied smoke.

While you want each to complement the other, consider strength and body separately when choosing a cigar. This allows you to find cigars with an optimal level of strength, body, and taste. It also helps your tobacconist make better recommendations for cigars best suited to your tastes, no matter if you are new to how to smoke a cigar or a long-time connoisseur.

Picking a Cigar on Strength


Cigar strength is a crucial element to the cigar experience, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. So, enjoy cigars more by starting with milder smokes and gradually increasing strength as your palate develops. Get started with the best mild Cuban cigars online today.