Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Ramon Allones
Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Medium
Size Robusto
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97% of 100
Special Price 261.00 USD Regular Price 326.00 USD

As one of the smaller brands coming out of the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, Ramon Allones isn’t a household name. But it should be. 

With an incredibly complex character, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigars are surprisingly elegant, belying the Allones’ reputation for producing finely crafted, robust cigars.

Ramon Allones Specially Selected Overview

The Specially Selected from Ramon Allones is a Robusto that’s almost 5” long with a ring gauge of 50, so it’s quite stout. It comes in a cab of 25,  is wrapped in a gorgeous milk-chocolatey brown wrapper with few veins, a slightly oily sheen, and a little springy give when you squeeze it.

Smoking a Ramon Allones Specially Selected

The pre-draw is redolent of sweet hay and cedar. The first third is surprisingly lively, with a medium body strength right off the bat and pepper in the nose and tongue. 

The second third opens briskly, strengthening the complex flavors with deeper notes of leather and earth, which builds to tangs of sophisticated marzipan and mouth-watering black cherry. 

The final third finishes strong, remaining peppery and spicy until the end.

Cigar Value

Time in a humidor only increases the Specially Selected cigars’ excellent depth and complexity. 

Paired with complicated repasts and equally complex liquors, these cigars are perfect for memorable moments. The longer you age them, the better they’ll be. 

Ramon Allones Specially Selected Experience

Despite its stunning complexity, the Specially Selected is a well-balanced stick with a smoking time of around an hour. The Robusto offers an excellent burn that is never overheated or bitter.

As rich in history as it is in flavor, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected does not disappoint.