Montecristo No. 5


Montecristo No. 5


Montecristo No. 5

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Ring Gauge 40
Length 102 mm / 4.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Petit Corona
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98% of 100
Special Price 23.00 USD Regular Price 28.00 USD

One of the original Montecristos, the Montecristo No 5 is smaller than Nos. 1 through 4. However, this petit cigar packs a mighty punch, offering a firm draw and hints of cinnamon and graham cracker overlaid with creamy nougat and an almond finish.

A Montecristo No 5 has bold flavors yet there’s also a lightness to the smoking experience. And it is great value given its price. 

Montecristo No 5 Overview

The Perla format Montecristo No 5 is a small gem of a cigar that packs a lot of flavor in a tiny package. With a 40 ring gauge and just 4” long, it is shorter than other Montecristo choices but can stand up to the rest of the Montecristo lineup in terms of flavor profile.

Smoking a Montecristo No 5

This stick is well constructed with a slight sheen on the smooth Colorado wrapper and an evenly bunched foot. 

Before lighting up, a Montecristo No 5 smells sweet with hints of hay and cocoa. Some call the No 5 a perfect burn and even draw, although the trick is not to smoke this stick too fast, so it doesn’t get hot. 

The first third offers a sweet taste with light notes of baking spice. Fresh cream seeps in towards the end of the first third. During the second third the spice notes linger, but creaminess and coffee flavors predominate. 

In the final third, a pleasant musk mingles with leather and burnt toast aromas—all in all, a satisfying, medium-bodied smoke that takes around 40 minutes to finish.

Cigar Value

Considering its size, the No 5 packs a bold flavor punch similar to other Montecristos. There is an incredible variety of flavor in just 40 minutes of smoking time and the Montecristo No 5 is available at a very good price. 

Montecristo No 5 Experience

If you’re looking for a flavorful mid-afternoon smoke to enjoy at your leisure this is a stick for you. It is medium-bodied and has an even draw, but its small size belies its heady flavor.