Montecristo No. 3


Montecristo No. 3


Montecristo No. 3

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 142 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Corona
Availability: Out of stock
94% of 100

The No 3 is the perfect example of Montecristo expertise. It delivers consistently nuanced flavors and measures half an inch longer than the No 4, the best-selling Cuban cigar. 

The Montecristo No 3 is widely regarded as one of the finest coronas available, not just from Cuba, but from anywhere. 

Montecristo No 3 Overview

Montecristo is one of Cuba’s finest marcas, even though the brand is relatively young, having started in 1935 (and supposedly named after The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumás). 

The No 3 is a classic Corona vitola and it is packed with choice tobacco sourced from the Vuelta Abajo zone. With flavors of cedar and black pepper, this medium- to full-bodied cigar is excellent for intrepid beginners and connoisseurs. 

Smoking a Montecristo No 3

Housed in Montecristo’s traditional yellow box, these coronas have a ring gauge of 42mm, a length of 142mm, and a three-seam cap. Although coronas have fallen out of favor in recent years, Montecristo’s No 3 cigars are exceptional, packing medium-bodied strength into a small package.

The Montecristo No 3 starts off with a hoppy, cedary taste, with light floral undertones. Some smokers note a peppery tang that delivers a spiciness all the way through. A No 3’s flavor slowly blossoms through the second third, with notes of graham cracker and chocolate appearing along the way. 

The final third boasts a classically strong Cuban finish, with aromas of roast nuts and honey blending with the creamy base notes. 

Refined and complex, this is a well-balanced smoke with a good draw and intricate flavors.

These coronas take around one hour to smoke. They start well-packed for a tight draw, and then open up towards the second third. They produce ample plumes of aromatic smoke in the second and final third of the cigar. 

Cigar Value

The price tag of the No 3 reflects the additional length and the consistent quality of every batch. Unlike other offerings from Montecristo, the No 3 is rolled in a single factory. The No 3 is a smooth choice for a mid-afternoon treat that pairs well with coffee or brandy.

Montecristo No 3 Experience

A mid-strength stick that provides plenty of aromatic smoke and blends pepper and cedar notes, with undertones of sourdough, the Montecristo No 3 is a great afternoon smoke.

Most who try a No 3 prefer it over the far more popular No 4.