H. Upmann Magnum 48 Edición Limitada 2009


H. Upmann Magnum 48 Edición Limitada 2009


H. Upmann Magnum 48 Edición Limitada 2009

More Information
Ring Gauge 48
Length 110 mm / 4.3 inches
Strength Medium
Size Corona Extra
Availability: In stock
100% of 100
Special Price 90.00 USD Regular Price 150.00 USD

H Upmann originally intended for the Magnum 48 to be a light-bodied cigar, but its short, well-constructed frame produces a vibrant hit of medium-bodied flavor. You can really get lost in the flavors of this one, despite the short smoking time. 

H Upmann Magnum 48 Overview

The H Upmann Magnum 48 is the third release in the cigar house’s ever-popular Magnum series. With a 48 ring gauge and a medium-bodied flavor, this Corona Extra comes cabinet-packed in a box of 25. 

The Magnum 48 is short, compact, and hand-constructed, measuring just under 4½”. It has a dark, smooth wrapping. The draw is relatively tight, perhaps too tight for some, but the price per cigar is eminently affordable.

Smoking an H Upmann Magnum 48

With an appealing, cinnamon-colored wrapper and silky feel, the Magnum 48 looks as classy as it tastes. Its densely-packed structure makes for a durable cigar that is best experienced after humidor aging. 

This cigar provides more decadent flavors than its Magnum 46 counterpart. You can taste earthy tobacco undertones throughout the smoke, before lighter, floral notes emerge.

The first third of this cigar packs an unexpected punch, with hefty oaken flavors. You can detect some herbal, slightly fruity notes as you move into the second third before a cocoa and tobacco-mixed finish.

Cigar Value

As a member of the H Upmann 2009 Limited Edition series, the Magnum 48 is widely considered an excellent investment. It is affordably priced and with proper aging will increase in value over time. 

H Upmann Magnum 48 Experience

If you’re looking for a shorter smoking experience with an intense punch of flavor and a lasting, mature tobacco taste, the Magnum 48 is perfect. This cigar tends to offer an even, satisfying burn, and is good as both an everyday and special occasion smoke.