Gurkha Ghost Exorcist


Gurkha Ghost Exorcist


Gurkha Ghost Exorcist

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Ring Gauge 60
Length 155 mm / 6 Inch
Product Presentation Box of 21
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Box of 21

Gurkha Ghost Exorcist Overview

Gurkha cigars are always a hit with cigar lovers, and the Ghost Exorcist is no exception. This 6” x 60 Gordo is a richly rewarding smoke you can enjoy no matter the mood or occasion. Rich Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are at the heart of the cigar’s entertaining character, with a Criollo 98 binder and Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper finishing off what proves a great smoke at a great value.

Smoking a Gurkha Ghost Exorcist

From its initial bursts of nougat, almond, pepper, and toast flavors, the Ghost Exorcist engulfs the senses in a deliciously smooth and balanced medium-bodied smoke. The cigar holds interest with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, or other exotic flourishes, maintaining refinement throughout. The finish is peppery with touches of sweetness and rewarding to the last.

Gurkha Ghost Exorcist Value

The Gurkha Ghost Exorcist is a great smoke to keep on hand, with a balanced yet deeply rich taste that is perfect for both the morning and evening hours. A great price point makes the Ghost Exorcist a winning option for everyday cigar aficionados searching for a bold-tasting yet smooth-bodied Maduro-wrapped cigar.

Gurkha Ghost Exorcist Experience

The Gurkha Ghost Exorcist is a voluptuously textured yet smooth cigar that offers the supple flavors cigar aficionados love. From a sumptuous blend of top-grade tobaccos and mouthwatering flavor profile to a great price, the Ghost Exorcist has it all. Pair the Ghost Exorcist with porter, stout, rum, or coffee for an engaging pairing experience.

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