Cigar Flavor Wheel

Making sense of all the different flavors a cigar can offer can be challenging. Especially if it’s a complex Cuban cigar.

The easiest way to identify flavors is to break them down into an orderly structure. A cigar flavor wheel is the perfect tool for categorizing a broad range of cigar flavors, as well as for training your senses to identify the finer nuances of each smoke.

Cigar Flavor Wheel


A cigar flavor wheel lets you quickly identify common flavor categories and subcategories in an easy-to-read format. There are many cigar flavor wheel variations, yet each generally features the same terminology and structure. Core flavors are near the center of the wheel and subcategories towards the outer edge.  This is the same as a flavor wheel used in food and wine tasting,

A cigar flavor wheel is great when you can’t quite put your finger on a particular taste. It’s ideal for beginners as it helps you focus on specific elements of the smoke. You can also use the wheel to gain a deeper appreciation of the finest Cuban cigars and the balanced interplay of flavors, often from opposite sides of the wheel – it’s amazing to identify how two contrasting flavors come together. Taste for yourself and give a Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 a try!

Exploring the Cigar Flavor Wheel


Using a cigar flavor wheel is quick and easy. Select a core flavor category and then follow it to a more specific description within the corresponding subcategory. Cigar flavor wheels can vary greatly, with some more elaborate than others, but generally are built around these core categories:

  • Wood
  • Earth/Mineral
  • Fruit
  • Nut
  • Herb/Spice
  • Coffee

If a cigar offers up a distinct wood note, for example, you first select the wood category from the cigar flavor wheel. Then check the subcategories to find a more specific description that best fits the flavor, such as cedar, oak, pine, hickory, mesquite, etc. The more elaborate the flavor wheel, the more subcategories from which to choose. Try it out with a tasty and complex H. Upmann cigar

Use a Flavor Wheel and Smoke a Cuban Cigar


The cigar flavor wheel is a valuable asset that lets you narrow the focus of a cigar’s taste and kickstarts a more gratifying cigar smoking experience. So, put a cigar flavor wheel into action and explore the balance and flavor complexity of the best Cuban cigars today!