Davidoff Grand Cru Toro


Davidoff Grand Cru Toro


Davidoff Grand Cru Toro

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Ring Gauge 54
Length 102 mm / 6 Inch
Strength Mild to Medium
Size Toro
Box 25
Product Presentation Box of 25
Availability: In stock
Special Price 530.00 USD Regular Price 662.00 USD
Box of 25

Davidoff Grand Cru Toro Overview

The Davidoff Grand Cru Toro is a newer addition to the Grand Cru series, offering the deeply rich yet refined character of the Grand Cru blends in a popular 6" x 54 Toro size. The largest of the Grand Cru series, the Grand Cru Toro cigar's blend of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, join with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to deliver a sophisticated experience that should please fans of Davidoff and larger format cigars alike.

Smoking a Davidoff Grand Cru Toro

The pristine Ecuadorian wrapper lends an earthy aroma before and after lighting, preparing the senses for the cigar's endless parade of pleasing scents and tastes. The intensely complex Grand Cru Toro features an array of flavors, including cedar, vanilla cream, Viennese coffee, earth, and peppercorn with splashes of sweet spice. White pepper and earth emerge as the dominant flavors down the stretch, as the smooth yet spicy, medium-bodied smoke continuously evolves from start to lavishly satisfying finish.

Davidoff Grand Cru Toro Value

Davidoff cigars are well known for their extravagant price tags, yet they are also revered for the level of quality they offer. The value lies in the exquisite tobacco, expert blending and assembly of the cigars, and the overall experience each delivers. The Davidoff Grand Cru Toro is exceptional in all these categories and, while not cheap by any means, is a cigar with immense value for those in search of the quality and elegance of a Davidoff cigar in a larger format.

Davidoff Grand Cru Toro Experience

Each cigar in Davidoff's Grand Cru series offers a luxurious cigar smoking experience, yet the Grand Cru Toro takes it to another level of body, complexity, and taste. Rich yet smooth, lively yet refined, sweet yet spicy, the Grand Cru Toro is a wholly unique Davidoff experience that is not to be missed. The Davidoff Grand Cru Toro is at its best after an extravagant feast accompanied by the finest red wine or cognac.

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