Davidoff Aniversario - Double R


Davidoff Aniversario - Double R


Davidoff Aniversario - Double R

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 191 mm / 7.5 Inch
Strength Medium
Size Double Corona
Box 25
Product Presentation Box of 25
Availability: Out of stock
942.00 USD
Box of 25

Davidoff Aniversario Double R Overview

Davidoff cigars have long been connoisseur favorites, offering cigars of exceptional quality in both construction and taste. The Davidoff Aniversario Double R ranks amongst Davidoff's best, with four different tobacco crops contributing to the cigar's deeply complex and flavorful blend. An elegant Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper joins with Dominican binder and filler tobaccos to create the attractive 7 ½" x 50 Double Corona. Aniversario Double R should delight those looking for a smooth, sophisticated smoke with a long-lasting finish that is ideal for an hour and a half or longer escapes.

Smoking a Davidoff Aniversario Double R

The velvety-textured Double R offers a highly sophisticated medium-bodied smoke that evolves with each puff. Notes of pepper, cedar, and cocoa are apparent throughout. Wood and earth aromas are present while hints of leather and spice tease the palate on the way to a memorably long finish. Spicy yet smooth with a pleasing undercurrent of creaminess, the Double R is a perfect after-dinner companion to a fine cognac or single malt whisky.

Davidoff Aniversario Double R Value

Davidoff cigars are true luxury smokes and can be quite pricy compared to other non-Cuban cigars. Yet the quality of tobacco, expert construction, and complex nature of the blend's character makes them well worth the price. Considering the Double R's amount of smoke, it offers tremendous value. It is one of the Dominican Republic's most luxurious and most dependable super-premium cigar experiences. In addition, extended aging can further refine the cigar's personality, adding even more value to the experience.

Davidoff Aniversario Double R Experience

With its smooth yet richly textured character and flawless construction, the Davidoff Aniversario Double R delivers everything as promised and more. The size and complexity of the smoke make it an ideal choice for lasting conversations and libations. Whether philosophizing with fellow cigar smokers or enjoying quiet contemplation, the Davidoff Aniversario Double R fills the time perfectly. As Non-Cuban cigars go, the Davidoff Aniversario Double R is amongst the world's absolute best.

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