Cohiba Exquisitos


Cohiba Exquisitos


Cohiba Exquisitos

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Ring Gauge 33
Length 126 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Medium
Size Small Panetela
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A masterwork of the Cohiba Clásica line, the panatela Exsquisito is sophisticated, long, and slim. It packs in an array of complex, well-balanced flavors, with even burning time and medium-to-b effects. 

Cohiba Exquisitos Overview 

This elegant, slim cigar from Cohiba is 5 inches long, or 125 mm, with a 33 ring gauge. It is a Panatela, so it is thin and tapered at both ends. Part of the Clásica line from Cuba’s most famous cigar company, the Exquisitos are ber and more powerful than others from the Siglo line.

Cohiba is known for its flavorful offerings, attributed to the extra fermentation phase tobacco goes through in barrels. The cap is well-applied and the Exquisito is exceptionally well-made with a soft-firm balance to the texture. 

Sometimes you’ll find that Exquisitos are a little wider than their strict 33 ring gauge, more like 35 or 36. Regardless of the variance in size, this is an excellent short smoke. Variations within a box extend to flavor and make these great additions to any cigar humidor. 

Smoking a Cohiba Exquisito 


These long, slim cigars are elegant to look at and like all other Cohiba offerings, excellently made. The cigar appears seamless with few veins, and the tapering on both ends is part of the stylist appeal. 

Taste and Flavor

The cold draw and aroma is mild and slightly sweet, which belies the strength of the taste when it is lit. On first draw, you can immediately detect the saltiness and sweetness of an excellent Cuban cigar. Notes of hay, caramel, and cedar pleasantly blend together for a balanced taste. 

Burn and Draw

Some say that the firm roll of this cigar detracts from its enjoyability. It can be difficult to light and you do need to puff hard at the start. However, most smokers do not see this as a defect, crediting the cigar’s success to its slim appeal and tapered ends. 

Inside the narrow ring gauge you’ll find firmly packed layered tobacco leaves. As on most Cohibas, the draw on the Exquisitos is excellent, with the burn line receding not too quickly and very evenly. 

Complexity and Balance

The flavor waves balance effortlessly, with the grassy hay taste leading into a slightly more subtle caramel flavor with an overall nuttiness and edge of chocolate. 

For such a slim stick, this one certainly packs in a lot of flavor, but with the subtlety that Cohiba is known for. 

How it Smokes 

The first third gives you a powerful headiness that’s quintessential for a Cuban cigar. Flavor waves breaking through as you progress to the second third. 

In the second third, the Exquisito strengthens and broadens, letting the sweet grassy notes of hay and cedar to be tasted. At the bridge to the final third creaminess breaks through again, reminiscent of a creamy cappuccino. 

Cigar Value 

The Cohiba Exquisito definitely benefits from proper aging, and the elegant, tapered silhouette disguises the strength and complexity of the flavors. These slim cigars are a treat with medium-to-strong effects and aftertaste.  

However, they are relatively expensive. Don’t buy a box unless you have a good humidor. Anyone with patience will find these cigars improve over the years.

Cohiba Exquisitos Experience 

The Exquisitos are a perfect match for a cigar aficionado who knows what they want. If you enjoy complex tastes with even burning and b effects, the Cohiba Exquisito is for you. It’s all wrapped a graceful, well-made package.