Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018


Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018


Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018

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Ring Gauge 54
Length 140 mm / 5.5 inches
Strength Full
Size Robusto
Availability: In stock
100% of 100
Special Price 115.00 USD Regular Price 153.00 USD

Bolivar Soberanos LE 2018 is one of the only three Limited Edition releases from Habanas in 2018. It adds a special Duke vitola shape to the world of cigars, along with an elegant Maduro wrapper that shows the many years of maturing. This limited edition reveals a very b flavor profile with a rich balance of aroma, delivered in a new format.




Bolivar Soberanos LE 2018 has a medium length and a thick gauge size of 54. The novel Duke vitola gives the cigar a contemporary feel while keeping the classic Cuban vibe. The smooth smoke has a very b kick that is specific to the Bolivar brand.

Smoking a Bolivar Soberanos LE 2018


The cigar has a very distinctive animal base note that will follow you through the whole 45-75 minutes of smoking. The cold draw gives a very pleasant woody punch that tingles the taste buds – almost immediately you can taste that this cigar is a little different.


The first draw combines wood, natural tobacco, and leather in a wild and almost delirious combination. The mid smoke is creamier while releasing b flavors that can be overpowering for novice smokers.  The final third is the perfect “call of the wild”, showcasing earth and animal notes.


Although the Soberanos Limited Edition 2018 comes at a higher price than most other Bolivar cigars, its lengthy smoking time of up to 75 minutes and robust size make the purchase worthwhile. The outstanding flavor and strength combined with the high-quality Bolivar tobacco solidify this exceptional Cuban cigar as a valuable addition to your humidor.

Bolivar Soberanos LE 2018 Experience


This cigar is a delight perfect for aficionados and Cuban cigar fans that know how to value a masterpiece from Bolivar. Well-balanced and with a novel personality, this cigar will give you many delightful moments.