Bolivar Coronas Gigantes


Bolivar Coronas Gigantes


Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

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Ring Gauge 47
Length 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Strength Full
Size Churchill
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97% of 100

The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes comprises all the premium characteristics of a true Habano, notably a full smoke and a very balanced aroma. It’s big and strong, but also surprisingly elegant. This is a cigar for cigar lovers, the kind of cigar featured proudly in the humidors of serious aficionados.




The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is one of the longest formats from the Bolivar brand, A Churchill vitola that gives you a long smoking time – it’s 178mm long! At 47 ring gauge this is a serious smoke and will give you two to three hours of puffing.



Smoking a Bolivar Coronas Gigantes


The cigar displays a gorgeous dark Claro wrapper that has a few visible veins and a smooth feel with just a hint of oil. The construction is very compact and pleasant, showcasing the experience of the tobacco rollers – a Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is one of Cuba’s most finely rolled cigars.


It gives a delicious earthy base flavor that follows you from the cold draw to the end. The first third slowly releases spice and woody notes that slowly tingle the palate. The second third releases the full strength of the cigar with powerful white pepper and cedar notes that perfectly balance the base notes. 


The final draw of Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is an amazing sweet treat that will delight your taste budsm with creamy notes of roasted coffee and the base earthy aroma.

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes Value


It’s the elegant complexion that is most adored by cigar smokers. This cigar is an excellent choice if you want a strong, full-bodied smoke, without being overwhelmed by something too harsh.

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes Experience


The cigar offers a well-balanced and pleasant experience that is perfect for a smoker that wants a full smoke that is not very harsh. The aroma palette is very diverse but not very specific, making this cigar a very versatile option. Loved by aficionados and a revered choice for beginners, this cigar is also suitable for many drink pairings.