Adrian Magnus Imperials Robusto

Adrian Magnus
Adrian Magnus

Adrian Magnus Imperials Robusto

Adrian Magnus

Adrian Magnus Imperials Robusto

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 152 mm / 6 inch
Strength Full Body
Size Dominican Republic
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100% of 100
Special Price 41.00 USD Regular Price 51.00 USD

Adrian Magnus Imperials Robusto Overview

Adrian Magnus offers only the finest ultra-premium cigars tailored to the tastes and desires of discerning cigar lovers around the globe. Adrian Magnus sets the bar for luxury cigars, from exceptional aged tobaccos to precision craftsmanship. A stunning example of the sophisticated, richly flavorful experiences Adrian Mangus cigars provide is the opulent Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos. Each of these exquisite cigars features sumptuous long filler tobaccos aged for 10 years to impart the smoke with more texture and complexity from start to finish.

Smoking an Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos

The Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos cigar's meticulously aged and blended tobaccos provide a lavish, deeply satisfying cigar-smoking experience that you'll want to revisit again and again. The smoke offers an elegantly refined yet boldly presented, full-flavored expression. Natural tobacco flavors and aromas create an intriguing sensory journey with newly discovered treasures in every draw. Hints of leather and coffee bean notes emerge during the smoke, with exuberant splashes of spice bringing excitement to the palate on a lasting, impressively composed finish.

Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos Value

Adrian Magnus cigars are the epitome of opulence and style from the highest quality tobaccos used for each blend and the alluring cigar bands that adorn each cigar. Smoking an Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos demonstrates your superb taste, showing the world that you settle only for the best. The Imperials Robustos cigar's dazzling flavor profile, smoothness, and complexity create a sensory celebration you can rely on to deliver greatness no matter the occasion, bringing value to each and every day.

Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos Experience

Adrian Magnus cigars are the guiltiest of pleasures you can trust to provide incomparable taste, texture, and complexity from the moment you set the cigar to match. The Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos are an ideal choice for the modern connoisseur searching for a luxurious smoke that can deliver a resplendent cigar-smoking experience when called upon, whether for daily enjoyment or special occasions. A cigar of this sophistication deserves an equally luminous pairing partner. So, enjoy Adrian Magnus Imperials Robustos with finely aged whiskey, bourbon, rum, or cognac.