Cigar choice can be overwhelming when you are new to the cigar world. Most beginners start with mild cigars. They are easier to handle and you can appreciate more nuanced flavor.

This guide to the best mild cigars will explain why milder smokes are best for beginners, as well as introduce you to the best first-time cigars to try.

Mild Cigars are Best for Beginners

Besides reducing the gut-wrenching effects that you might get from an overly strong cigar, starting with milder cigars will better help your palate become accustomed to the different textures and tastes of high-quality tobacco. As your senses evolve and you start to progress towards richer cigars, you will be able to notice more subtleties, in both taste and aroma.

How to pick the best mild cigars

Choosing a mild cigar can be quick and easy once you get the hang of it. The best options are blended specifically to have an elegantly refined character, yet with plenty of taste. There are a few ways that you can locate these mild smokes and be guaranteed a cigar that suits your new palate.

Buying cigars at a cigar shop

The best way to find milder cigars in a cigar shop is, of course, to simply ask a reputable cigar seller for assistance. Don’t hesitate to let them know you are a beginner. A good tobacconist wants you to enjoy the experience and will point you to the best options.

Always inspect the cigars to ensure they are in good shape. Taking a little time to learn different cigar parts will help you to better locate mild cigars and recognize their quality.

Buying cigars online

While you may not be able to inspect cigars, buying online is easy and there’s a wealth of information to admire. You can read up on the strength of a cigar, types of tobacco used in the blend, and other information that will help you zero in on the best mild cigars.

You can even read reviews by experts and other cigar enthusiasts to get a better picture of how a cigar will smoke. When selecting cigars online, just be sure you are buying guaranteed authentic cigars. Also, check the online cigar seller’s return or exchange policy.

The light/dark rule

An old rule of thumb many cigar enthusiasts used to follow is that the lighter the cigar’s wrapper, the milder it will smoke. A darker wrapper will mean a stronger smoke. This rule no longer holds true. Newly developed tobaccos offer a much broader range of body and taste, so color or shade alone won’t necessarily indicate the strength level.

Avoid infused cigars

To a newcomer, the promise of a deliciously infused or flavored cigar seems like a great idea. Infused cigars hide the natural flavors of tobacco, just like flavored cigarettes. These infused flavors cover the poor quality of the tobacco blend.

Additives used to flavor cigars also make the tobacco burn hotter and harsher. A mild premium cigar will generally be smoother and mellower than any poorer quality infused cigars. So, don’t be tempted by the allure of sweet and tasty goodness that just isn’t there. Mild cigars will be easier to smoke and far more flavorful.

Best mild cigars to try for beginners

Everyone has a different definition of what makes a good smoke, yet there are a handful of mild cigars that have stood the test of time as great options for beginners.

El Rey Del Mundo

The classic mild Cuban cigar ideal for one and all. The 5″ x 48 El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme is a fan-favorite.


The Fonseca line offers elegantly mellow yet intensely flavorful cigars perfect for beginners and hardcore aficionados alike. Try a Fonseca Delicias with your morning coffee!

Romeo y Julieta

These famous cigars were a favorite of Winston Churchill and continue to be a go-to choice for cigar aficionados around the World. The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill offers a cool, smooth and deeply satisfying escape.

Por Larranaga

This oldie but goodie offers easy-going smokes that are at once mellow, flavorful, and satisfying. The small and mild Por Larranaga Petit Coronas are great anytime.

Macanudo Café

Once hailing from Jamaica, these Dominican-made treats are super mellow best-sellers perfect for almost any occasion.

H. Upmann

These storied cigars have been connoisseur favorites since the 1840s. Each H. Upmann cigar delivers a silky-smooth medium-bodied character that provides the next step in body and taste. When you want to up the tempo, the H. Upmann Magnum 46 is the cigar to try.

Enjoy Your First Cigars the Mild Way

Mild cigars are the best way to kick off your cigar smoking adventure and will serve to better aid in your appreciation of all the cigars to come. You have to start sometime and somewhere. So, what better time than now and what better place than the best online Cuban cigar store!