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Cigar body is an important aspect of selecting a cigar, yet it is often misunderstood. This brief guide explains cigar body is and how it differs from other cigar characteristics, It will help you to choose a cigar that best suits your tastes.

Cigar Body


Cigar body represents the overall character of a cigar. This includes the intensity of a cigar’s flavor, as well as how the flavor interacts with your palate. Cigar body is often confused with cigar strength. Cigar strength reflects the cigar’s nicotine level and should be considered as a separate factor when choosing a cigar to smoke.

There are three primary levels of cigar body:

  • Mild- Rests light on the palate with lower intensity of flavor
  • Medium- Slightly heavier on the palate with an uptick in flavor intensity
  • Full- Thick and heavy on the palate with greater intensity in flavor

Cigar body can be quite subjective and can even change during the smoke. Often one of these three categories may not be enough to describe the cigar adequately. That’s especially true of Cuban cigars, such as Cohibas, which are more complex than cigars from other countries. There is plenty of freedom to blur the lines and combine categories, with mild-to-medium-bodied, medium-full, or whichever term best describes the smoke.

Cigar Body and Cuban Cigars


Cuban cigars are renowned for their deeply satisfying character. Each Cuban cigar is structured around a perfectly balanced cigar body and suits different taste levels. The famous Cohiba brand features a variety of complex cigars catered to the experienced palate. The Bolivar range is a popular full-bodied option, while the legendary Romeo y Julieta line delivers medium-to-full-bodied favorites.

In general, Cuban cigars are known to be on the medium to full end of the scale. Cuba has its fair share of mellower bodied cigars as well, which are perfect for those new to the world of cigars. The El Rey Del Mundo brand, in particular, delivers classic medium-bodied smokes that are ideal for the new cigar adventurer.

Experience a Cuban Cigar


That first leap into cigars is best enjoyed with milder bodied cigars, allowing your palate to ease into the cigar experience. So, get your senses into shape and start savoring the best in mild-to-medium Cuban cigars today.