Why Cuban cigars are more expensive than other cigars

Daniel Stauffer January 21, 2019
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Have you ever wondered why some cigars are more expensive than others?Some people say that is because the process of tobacco leaves drying other say the tobacco itself. After all, they are all made from tobacco. Also, there are cigars belonging to the same brand, but which can be purchased at different prices. Well, there are lots of factors that are contributing at the final price of a cuban cigar. Now, in this article the main star is the Cuban cigar, and we want to know why these cigars are more expensive than others.

1. Cuban cigars are the most famous cigars in the world. They are highly qualitative and they already have loyal fans scattered in the entire world. You know that as famous the brand is as expensive the product.
2. The second and the last reason of why the Cuban cigars are more expensive than other cuban cigars involve the process of manufacturing these cigars. This reason will be completely detailed so you can understand better also you can matching cuban cigars with food.
For a line of cuban cigars to be released on the market it requires a lot of time and a lot of work. The process of manufacturing cuban cigars takes up to three years, at least, and on that line will work hundreds of people. The process of manufacturing a cigar starts from the moment when the tobacco is planted until when the tobacco leaves are ending into a cigar.
There are several steps before some tobacco leaves end up being cigars, respectively the tobacco is planted, let to grow, harvested, cured and fermented. These steps are always checked by some experts in tobacco in order to obtain the finest consistency and quality from these plants.
Imagine that skillful persons are watching carefully the development of each leaf. The leaves of tobacco must fulfill the following criteria in order to become a cigar: they must have texture, easy to burn, they must have a certain color, size and of course appearance this people know how to recognize if a cuban cigar is perfectly aged. During their growing the tobacco leaves are monitored in order to obtain the best out of them. Do you know that less than 10% from the tobacco leaves harvested from a plantation are allowed to become a wrapper? The leaves that are meant to become a wrapper must be impeccable. They must have a beautiful color, they must be stunning as appearance, they must have a smooth texture, a good taste and they must burn easy.
After the tobacco is harvested it must be maintained for three years long in order to get old. Afterwards, it will reach the hands of a skillful blender that will sort the leaves after color and texture. From those leaves he will choose the ones for binder, filler and wrapper.
After this, the sorted leaves will go straight to a torcedor that will try to put all those leaves into a cuban cigar. He will be the one that will roll the cigars,some people hate the winter season when it comes to smoke Cuban cigars Now, when the cigars are finished they are once again sorted after color and only after that they are putted in boxes and send for being commercialized. Now, you know Why Cuban cigars are more expensive than other cigars.

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