About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m Dan. I live in the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland although I was born a small picturesque village near the Alps which is popular with tourists. I have spent most of my life in this wonderful country except for a few years after college when I gained a scholarship to the London business school to study for an MBA.
Those years in London really shaped me in so many different ways. After completing my MBA I was lucky enough to secure a job for a year with a major London accountancy firm.
And it was there I was introduced to my first taste of quality Cuban cigars. These were routinely given out as gifts around the holidays or as a thank you present from grateful clients. I had never tried any type of cigar before and immediately knew this was something I wanted to investigate further.
When I returned to Switzerland I decided to set up my own business providing financial services to entrepreneurs who were starting up their own businesses. I also kept up the tradition I had learned of rewarding my loyal clients with some carefully chosen cigars. Needless to say, these were always extremely popular.
As time passed I learned more and more about Cuban cigars. My clients often consulted me whenever they wanted to buy cigars as they knew they could always rely on my recommendation.
After a while, I started thinking that I would like to find a way to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for cigars with a wider audience. I decided that I would start writing a blog as this seemed like the perfect way to do it.
So thanks again for reading. Hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful.
All the best,