About me

My name is Dan, and I love cigars! I had my first taste of fine Cuban cigars while at a London accountancy firm, where cigars were routinely given out as holiday gifts or thank you presents from grateful clients. It sparked a love affair that continues to burn brightly.
The more I learned about Cuban cigars, the more my enthusiasm grew. From London, I returned to my native Switzerland to set up my own business providing financial services to entrepreneurs. It did not take long for my love of cigars to be noticed by my clients, many of whom came to me with cigar questions and asked for recommendations.
One day one of my clients said, “We spend more time discussing cigars than anything else. It is obviously your passion. Do what you love.” As those words sunk in, I knew it was time to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for cigars with the world. A blog about cigars seemed the perfect place to start.
I hope my musings about cigars are as enjoyable to you as sharing them is for me. So, join me on this great cigar adventure and “Do what you love!”

I am open for any feedback and suggestions. Use the following contact details to get in touch with me. All the best – Dan