The Super Giant Cigar!

Daniel Stauffer December 17, 2013
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Did you know about El Gigante? The Super Giant Cigar!

El Gignate is the nickname of a huge sized Habano, about 19 ft in length and approximately 3 ft in width. The weight of this enormously amazing Cuban cigar is around 700 pounds. The construction of El Gignate took almost 16 thousands tobacco leaves from the divine valleys of Cuba. It has been roughly estimated that 23-25 thousands of regular-sized cigars could be made of this many amounts of leaves.

Interestingly, cigars lovers from all over the world joined the race of buying this beautiful creation by Cuban craftsmen. According to Panesso, who is a high stake cigar dealer from Cuba, this Giant cigar has broken the records of the most expensive and most demanded Habano and has reached at the top. Everyone who bet for the cigar was considered as the most appropriate buyer. In the middle of January 2013, finally the El Gignate was sold to an anonymous lucky cigar lover and the cost was decided to be $185,000. As per the policy of the selling party, the name as well as the location of the buyer has been kept secret. Panesso admitted that El Gignate had provided a huge boost to his cigar business and he felt really lucky to be one of the unique and amazing cigars producers.

The most wonderful feature of El Gignate is that it’s a ‘real’ cigar. The manufacture of this huge feast involved all real ingredients that are routinely used in the manufacture of any other Cuban cigars. It took almost nine months to give rise to such an amazing creation. The leaves were selected from the finest Cuban lands i.e. Vuelta Abajo. The tobacco blades were strictly chosen on the basis of many factors like, size, shape, colour, location, amount of heat received and so on. The collection of blades was followed by fermentation in special barrels. After the leaves were fully fermented, a team of expert cigar makers was made to work on them. The cigar blades, the binder and the filler all the ingredients were repeatedly checked to rule out any possibility of flaws. The filler and the binder were also chosen from the finest collection provided by Cuban cigar makers. The rolling and the filling of the enormous cigar is a combined effort of about 20 cigars makers. This proved as one of the most sensitive process during the whole process of manufacture. If one looks at the giant body of the El Gignate, the perfect rolling says it all. The cigar appears as a Big, brown, well rolled pipe with a beautiful red label of Habanos. The appearance of this wonderful giant Habano carries immense robustness and decency. Another interesting fact about El Gignate is that it is a completely smoke able Cuban cigar made with real ingredients carrying the goodness of the Cuban tobacco. According to cigar experts, the aging of El Gignate would make it even more precious. If the giant is allowed to age in an adequately sized humidor for about five to six years, each and every quality would be enhanced to its peak. For instance, the aroma of the El Gignato would be smelt at a distance of two meters. All the Cuban and non-Cuban cigars lovers consider the anonymous owner of the El Gignate as one of the luckiest person on the planet!

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