Special Packs of Cuban Cigars

Daniel Stauffer December 17, 2013
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Cuban Cigars-the finest, richest cigars in the world have gotten even better. On the first of March of this year, 15th annual festival Del Habano also known as the Habanos festival came about in a lovely Havana Conventional Center.

Around 1,500 people attended the beautiful traditional festival and enjoyed it to their heart’s content. The festival admitted an auction of the notorious cigars, a “Tobacco-infused” cuisine prepared by one of the finest chefs of the world and a Sommelier Contest. Moreover, several new brands were premised, particularly two fresh brands of the most beloved Cuban Cigar — Montecristo, which is the front-runner among all the Cuban Cigars globally. The two Montecristo brands inaugurated were named “Montecristo Petit no.2” and “Montecristo Double Edmundo.”

The two fancy brands were introduced by distribution of free samples at the opening party at the Habanos festival. The guests thoroughly savored the new cigars amidst the beautiful breeze of the Cuba, filled with the mouth-watering aroma of the Tobacco- infused Cuisine in the air.

The “Montecristo Petit no.2” size is four and a half inch and it has fifty-two rings. It is the first cigar to be added to the “linea clasica” line of the Montecristo. It is a decent, elegantly-wrapped, Brown colored cigar with a golden fleur-de-lis, somewhat very similar to the famous Montecristo No.2. The “Montecristo Petit no.2” was praised and the participants virtually agree that it preserves the eminent standards of the Montecristo cigars. Unquestionably worth trying if you are the kind that treasures “beauty in small packages.”

In contrast to the petit cigar, “Montecristo Double Edmundo” are six and one-eight inches by fifty rings. This is a longer twin to the “Petit Edmundo” which was a mega hit among the masses. The Edmundo line has been a forever source of income and publicity to the company. The “Double Edmundo” is wrapped up with the promise to take you on a sweet and spicy ride altogether and it amazes you in not only its flavor but also with the pleasant-to-the-eye “Montecristo Semi boite box” it comes in. This is for people who want perfection in quality, quantity and the presentation.

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